What does Buddha mean?


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Buddha comes from prince Siddhartha Gautama "the enlightened one"


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do you mean why is buddha important? do you mean why is buddha important? do you mean why is buddha important?

Buddha is a god in the Buddhist religion.

Buddha means "Enlightened One"

Buddha means "the enlightening one"

Buddha Sahib is the founder of Buddhism.

it means laughing buddha laughing laughing Buddha laughing Buddha

Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama, a prince who grew up in luxury.The term Buddha means the Enlightened one.

Amida Buddha is the embodiment of compassion and wisdom. He is not an actual historic figure

The word Buddha is literally translated to mean "the enlightened one" or "the awakened one". Buddha himself was said to use his insight to help people to end their suffering.

since buddha is known as "the enlightened one", it probably means to die enlightened

Buddha means "awakened one" or "enlightened one"

Sanskrit for "Awakened"...meaning a Buddha is one who is Awake. When you see "The Buddha", they are referring to the historical founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. ~ Eric Putkonen

You should not cling on anything. Not even on the Buddha, his teaching or any other authority.

"Buddha" means "Awakened One". Sidhartha Gautama became known as The Buddha after his awakening.

The Buddha is the title given to Siddhatta after he attained enlightenment. It means, "The Enlightened One", or "The Awakened One."

Ananda term is related to the chief desciple of Buddha. He was also personel assistant to the Buddha.

the buddha taught it for his next 45 years.

Buddha means 'The Enlightened one.'

enlightened one means buddha

the Most popular Buddha Statues are as follows, Shakyamuni buddha statues Medicine Buddha Statues Meditation Buddha Statues Laughing Buddha Statues Amitabha Buddha statues Blessing Buddha Statues Nirvana Buddha Statues Samantabadhra Buddha Statues Thai Buddha Statues Maitreya Buddha Statues Dhyani Buddha Statues Feng shui Buddha Statues Vairochana Buddha Statues Akshobhya Buddha Statues Standing Buddha Statues

Buddha Is As Buddha Does has 288 pages.

Namu = homage, respect, praise Shakyamuni = is a name for Gautama Buddha, the historical founder of Buddhism. Shakyamuni means, 'sage of the shakyas.' Buddha was born into the Shakya tribe. Butsu= Buddha therefore, 'Namu Shakyamuni Buddha' can be translated as 'Homage to the Shakyamuni Buddha.' Hope that helps!

Well, it reli depends on what hes talking about but dreamin about Buddha in general means that you need to find peace and be more calm. Although it is normal for Buddhists to dream about Buddha.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'save', but buddha taught Buddhism to many people and how to meditate, become enlightened etc.

The word "Buddha" does not exist in the Christian's Bible. It may exist in one of the other religion's "Bibles", however.

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