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What does Gorbachev name as the major concern of the Soviet Union?

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Soviet President Gorbachev named personal freedom as a number one issue for the Soviet Union. Through his Glasnost program, he sought to increase individual rights, stimulate the economy, and make the government more transparent.

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What was the United states major concern about their former ally the Soviet union?

That they would get nuclear weapons.

What made soviet leader mikhail gorbachev eager to end the cold war arms race?

The economy of the Soviet Union was falling behind that of other major industrialized nations.

A major concern of western powers after the collapse of the Soviet Union was the?

large number of nuclear weapons that had been stockpiled in the republics

What made soviet leader mikhail gorbachev most eager to end the cold war arms race?

The economy of the Soviet Union was falling behind that of other major industrialized nations.PLATO~one love

What political events of the 1980's had the most influence on the collapse of Communism in Europe and the end of the Cold War?

Communism did end in Europe but it can be found in some countries and continents such as Asia. There were many political events that caused the fall of communism in Europe. There were many political events that caused a major uproar for the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was experiencing many economic problems at the start of the Cold War in the 1980's. Mikhail Gorbachev was just starting to come into power when the Soviet Union was facing social, political, and economic problems. Gorbachev brought about revolutionary reforms that only caused more problems for the Soviet Union and these reforms might have only caused a speed up in the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was facing a major loss in revenue due to the competition with the United States for the Cold War race. The country also was expanding and could not produce enough food to feed their people. The men that had been in charge up to this point were not in it to improve the Soviet Union and help the people but only to better themselves. Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union initiating a campaign of openness called "glasnost" and restructuring called "perestroika". These allowed the people under the Soviet rule to experience more freedoms within their own country. President Reagan and Gorbachev started working on removing and reducing their missiles. The Soviet Union began to fall and the wall in Berlin fell with it. Countries then started to become independent and apart from Communism.

Does the Soviet Union grow grains?

The Soviet Union, particulary the Ukrane region, was a major grain producer.

What were the three major allies of Germany during World War 2?

the three major allies for germany was japan, italy and soviet union.... but soviet union went to the allied powers after hitler betrayed stalin (soviet union)

What was not a major factor in the decision to use the atomic bomb?

sending a warning to the soviet union sending a warning to the soviet union

What was NOT a major principle of the Soviet Union?

democratic government

The major allied powers were the US Britain and?

The Soviet Union

What were 3 major changes Joseph Stalin made when he created the Soviet Union?

Joseph Stalin did not create the Soviet Union. Vladimir Lenin did that.

What are the major historical events in Kazakhstan?

the fall of the soviet union the birth of the country world war 2 the start of demorcry the start of the soviet union

What country is saddled with the ten coldest major cities?

the soviet union

The major Allied powers were the United States Britain and?

the soviet union

What were the major goals of the soviet union during the cold war?

bless you.

Who were the 2 major participants in the cold war?

The Soviet Union, and the US

What caused a major setback in detente in 1979?

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the Soviet Union wanted to restore a pro-Soviet regime there, which the United States viewed as an act of expansion.

What Major Industries did the Soviet Union take over?

The three major industrie that were taken over by the Soviet government were factories, railroads, and businesses.BDP

Who were the three major allied countries?

In World War II, the three major Allied countries were the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. However, after the war ended, the relationship between the Soviet Union and the US and UK deteriorated rapidly. This resulted in the Cold War standoff between the Soviet Union and the US in particular, although the UK was still a major ally of the US in this. The Cold War finally ended when the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s.

What were the US aims during the Cold War?

disarm soviet union

The major rivals in the cold war were?

The major rivals in the cold war was America and Soviet Union (Russia).

All of the major industrial centers of the soviet union are located in the?

Fertile Triangle

What major events happened in the Soviet Union during 1944?

pickles rule

What was the major result of the space race?

The USA and the Soviet union got along

Which major powers were responsible for the Cold War?

The Soviet Union and the United States.

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