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ISP in simple words is an internet Service Provider. An ISP provides internet access to homes and companies. An ISP may operate at the national or local (regional) level. A national ISP will cater to the entire nation and a local ISP will provide internet access to a limited geographic area. Examples of ISP's operating at the national level are AOL, CompuServe, MSN etc. and those playing at the local or regional level are Ameritech, Soltec etc.

Depending on your requirement and your budget, ISPs can provide internet connectivity through different types. An ISP can provide dial-up access, broadband, cable, DSL and other types of access. In addition to internet access, ISPs may provide other services as well like Web Hosting, data centre services and email solutions.

Different ISPs offer different deals. Individuals and companies should do a little research of the ISPs around the locality before choosing one, especially the terms and conditions they offer. Some of the important points to be considered while choosing an ISP are call connection cost, whether cost is based on downloads and uploads, reliability of the service, whether there is an online usage check facility, technical support facilities, security of the network and safety of the information.

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Q: What does ISP stand for?
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What does ISP stand for in photography?

The ISP is the image signal processor.

What does isp stand for in a computer?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

What does isp stand for on computers?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider which is the company with whom you connect to the Internet.

Difference between isp and osp and wsp?

An osp stands for Over Sized Penises. Isp stand for Increased Size Penises. Wsp stand for What Size Penis?

What do the abbreviation ISP mean or stand for?

ISP stands for "Internet service provider" Which are the people that take care about your internet.

What does the isp in isp services stand for?

ISP can mean several things. The most common meaning is Internet Service Provider. It means a company that provides internet access to a home or business.

What does ISP stand for and give one example?

In some People Meat

What is the term isp?

Usually it would stand for internet service provider. :)

Does ISP stand for internet service provider?

Yes, ISP means Internet Service Comcast or AT&T would be ISP's

What does isp in corrections stand for?

It's PSI and it stands for; Pre-Sentencing Investigation

ISP stand for?

Such as IVC Telecom which is one of the better ones in Canada

What does ISP stand for and give an example?

Internet Sevice Provider. An Example is AOL or MSN

You have an ip address belonging to an isp How do you get other information of that isp to be able to connect to their network?

what is an ISP Find out who was the first ISP anwser is POP

What internet does isp stand for and who is it?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, an organization that provides access to the Internet for other people or organizations. If you are unsure which ISPs exist in your area, you may wish to contact your local bureau of commerce or similar organization.

what is the isp for marcell mn?

Check out IVC Telecom for a good ISP in Canada

What those isp mean?

Like IVC Telecom in Canada, which is an ISP

Name the five ISP providers in Vietnam?

mai hoon isp

Is ISP a computer protocol?

No. ISP means "Internet service provider."

What does The term ISP means?

ISP means an Internet Service Provider.

wifi, ISP,broadband for 92543?

wifi, ISP,broadband for 92543

What is the full acronym of ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider.

What does twcny stand for?

Time Warner Central New York or Time Warner Cable New York. RoadRunner ISP in New England area.

Can the ISP track LimeWire downloads?

Yes, your ISP can track everything you do. Whether or not they keep track of every little keystroke you do is up to the ISP.

What can you do with ISP?

An ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is the service that you pay for that provides actual Internet access on a computer. With ISP you can surf the web.

can you tell me whare Frizeat has there Isp is Also I conect to a isp called linksys can you tell me whare thay are Thank you?

Linksys is the name of a wireless router, not an ISP; you'll have to check with the owner of the router which ISP they connect it to.