What does ISP stand for?

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ISP in simple words is an internet Service Provider. An ISP provides internet access to homes and companies. An ISP may operate at the national or local (regional) level. A national ISP will cater to the entire nation and a local ISP will provide internet access to a limited geographic area. Examples of ISP's operating at the national level are AOL, CompuServe, MSN etc. and those playing at the local or regional level are Ameritech, Soltec etc.

Depending on your requirement and your budget, ISPs can provide internet connectivity through different types. An ISP can provide dial-up access, broadband, cable, DSL and other types of access. In addition to internet access, ISPs may provide other services as well like Web Hosting, data centre services and email solutions.

Different ISPs offer different deals. Individuals and companies should do a little research of the ISPs around the locality before choosing one, especially the terms and conditions they offer. Some of the important points to be considered while choosing an ISP are call connection cost, whether cost is based on downloads and uploads, reliability of the service, whether there is an online usage check facility, technical support facilities, security of the network and safety of the information.

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Q: What does ISP stand for?
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