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The most beautiful person I know it 's you my love

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What does cest vrai ou faux mean in English?

It means: 'Is it true or false?'

What does matiere preferee cest mean?

What does matiere preferee cest mean? it means liek wahts your favourite subject here ill answer it English: My favourite subject is Science French: Ma matiere preferee, cest Science Remenber the acents in french peace (\/) (' ') (").(")

What does cest quel mois mean in English?

C'est quel mois means 'what month is it?'

What does cest moi dans lavenir mean in English?

C'est moi dans l'avenir means "that's me in the future" in English.

What does cest la premiere mean in English?

c'est la première - it's the first (feminine)

How do you say zest bonn pour vous in english?

Cest Bonn Pour vous = it is good for you

Cest le vie?

Roughly " That's life" in English, "Asi es la vida" in Spanish.

What does je ne cest quoi mean in English?

je ne sais quoi = I don't know what

What does qui mais cest cava mean in English?

This isn't a complete sentence, but what you wrote translates to "...'who' but it's okay".

What is the sunset for Warsaw Poland on sep 23?

On September 23 sunset in Warsaw is at 18:32 CEST (Civil Twilight at 7:05 PM CEST, Nautical Twilight at 7:45 PM CEST, Astronomical Twilight at 8:27 PM CEST).

How do you say the answer for cest noel cest le mois de?

C'est Noel, c'est le mois de Decembre.

What time does sun set in Paris in July 2013?

from 9:57 PM CEST to 9:31 PM CEST

Where are the breasts?

they are on the cest of a women

What does the acronym CEST stand for?

The are a lot of acronym for CEST such as Central European Summer Time, Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer, Conference on Environmental Science and Technology.

What does CEST stand for?

Central European Summer Time.

Can you translate cest un boucles?

this is loopy (I think)

What does Les Amis des mes amis cest mes amis mean?

This translates literally as 'The friends of my friends are my friends'. In good English 'My friends' friends are my friends also'.

Time difference between IST and CEST?

The difference is 3 hours 30 minutes. Say if the time is 3 p.m CEST, it will be 6:30 p.m IST

Cest-a-dire que vous êtes en train de faire votre cours?

That means that you are currently in school? That means that you're doing your studies?

Cest la vie?

French for "That's life," or "Such is life."

When it is 4PM Melbourne time what time is it Central European time?

4 pm EST = 7 am CET = 8 am CEST 4 pm EDT = 6 am CET = 7 am CEST Melbourne is in EDT from early October through early April. Central Europe is in CEST from late March through late October.

What does 'cest la vie' mean?

literally it means "that's life" or "this is life" It literally means, "That's life!" in French. It is a common phrase in the English language now, too.

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