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Your idle will jump up and down. You may also feel a misfire, due to the vacuum leak. You may also hear a hissing sound from the engine. Nice job you nailed it. But if you hear no hissing, you can spray some brake cleaner around the intake manifold. You'll definitly hear it. The cleaner will remove any crap blocking it from the hissing. Easiest gasket to replace.

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Q: What does a 1998 Rodeo sound like when the intake manifold gasket is bad?
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1988 Pontiac trans am with the 5.7 tpi in it when you get on the gas kinda hard it does an intake popping what could be causing this?

Bad echaust manifold or header gasket. Or loose header or manifold gasket.. if its just a loose bolt the gasket will eventually crack or break from pressure.the popping sound is high pressure leaking past the gasket Bad echaust manifold or header gasket. Or loose header or manifold gasket.. if its just a loose bolt the gasket will eventually crack or break from pressure.the popping sound is high pressure leaking past the gasket

What are the symptoms of manifold exhaust gasket leaks on a Chevy truck?

Intake manifold leaks will cause the engine to idle rough and get poor fuel economy. An exhaust manifold will have no symptoms other than the sound of the leak.

Your car just started to make a whistling sound?

check for loose fan belt may also be intake manifold gasket leaking

Chevy impala is making a muffling sound when driving?

Exhaust leak at Exhaust manifold to head gasket or oring at exhaust manifold pipe.

Clicking or ticking sound when accelerating on your 83 Buick Regal?

Exhaust manifold gasket leaking

How can you tell the difference between a bad head gasket and a bad upper intake gasket?

A pressure test on the cylinders will tell if you have a bad head gasket. If you hear a whistle sound near the intake gasket, spray WD-40 (or any type of petroleum spray) on the area and if there is a leak the engine rpms (or engine sound) should change.

What causes a car to whistle when you accelerate?

Generally, when a car whistles on acceleration, it indicates there is a leak on the intake manifold, causing the engine to suck air which makes the whistling sound Car whistling sound may be audible due to a leak in the vacuum line or a gasket. The whistling noise changes with the acceleration of car. To resolve this problem check your engine gasket and vacuum line with a mechanic to find the leakage.

1994 dodge caravan that has a miss to it but does not have problems starting Owner said it was the manifold donut gasket that needs replaced Is this possible?

A exhaust manifold that is warped, cracked, or missing a gasket will make a sound like a engine miss. I usually look for soot near the suspected area to tell for sure.

Where could a vacuum leak be on a Saturn 2003 L200?

As with any internal combustion engine, the vacuum leak can be anywhere on the intake side, including intake manifold gasket, cracked intake manifold, EGR valve, throttle body gasket and even the vacuum operated devices can contribute to leaking, such as the vacuum assisted brakes or vacuum operated vent system. Starting fluid can often be helpful when searching for a vacuum leak; search the likely places, listening for the the typical hissing sound. Once you find a place that you suspect of the leak, spray a little of the starting fluid. When the starting fluid hits a vacuum leak the engine RPM's change slightly. Good luck.

What would cause a 2000 Mountaineer to make a whining sound in first that stops above 25 MPH and starts again when the vehicle stops?

Noises have to be heard to be correctly diagnoised but just guessing, I would say it is a vacuum leak at either the throtle body or intake manifold gasket. Get some carb cleaner and CAREFULLY spray the intake and throtle body to find it.

What would cause a squealing sound if it is not the brakes or belts when engine is running on idle condition?

Check for a vacuum leak around the throtle body and intake manifold.

If you HEAR ticking sound from drivers side valve cover on aChevy 350- what could it be?

sounds like you have a loose rocker arm NEW ANSWER: A exhaust manifold gasket leaking will sound like a lifter also.

Why would your Ford Wind Star sound like it has a knocking valve or piston?

It may be a bad valve or piston, use an automotive stethoscope to track down the noise and I think you might find the noise comes from the intake manifold Ford is having a problem with the intake manifolds on Windstars and some other Ford vehicles, the internal baffle loosens and makes a knocking sound as it is moved by airflow. You will need to replace the upper intake manifold with a corrected part from Ford.

How can you tell if the exhaust pipe gasket or the exhaust manifold gasket is making loud noise on a 1993 Buick LaSabre?

Listen to it. if it is making loud noise you will hear it... assuming by noise you mean sound wave vibrations within the range of human detection...

Clicking tapping noise coming from driver side cylinder head increases during acceleration but decrease during idle or at stoplight?

I'd check the exhaust manifold first. A cracked manifold or leaking gasket can cause a sound that's a lot like what you describe.

Is there a frost plug on 1996 Lincoln behind alternator We are leaking behind the alternator. We have changed the water pump?

First thing Is There Is No Water In An Altenater. ... But it Does sound Like the Heater Hose Is leaking and it is located Under The Intake Manifold on the 4.6 Engine And It is running Down Front Of moptor The Only Way to Repair This Is to Remove The Intake Manifold.....:)

Where is the starter and how do you change it on a 2000 Toyota Tundra?

The starter is under the intake manifold. It's basically under the big silver thing in the middle of the engine compartment. It is a laborious project the first time you need to change it, and not much easier any subsequent times. If your good with a challenge and kind of handy you can do it. Buy a repair guide first though. I use Haynes myself, others use chilton. You basically need to remove all hoses and plugs that connect to or cross over the intake manifold, the big silver thing in the middle of the engine compartment. Then unbolt the intake manifold, 8 bolts I think, and remove manifold and gasket underneath it. Inspect the gasket, which may need to be replaced, and set aside. You can access the starter now. Unbolt a few more bolts and then rotate a little and pull out. I make it sound easy, and it was compared to installing the replacement. This part was tough, but I managed it eventually. Completely worth it, since it saved me like $700 from dealer AT LEAST!

What causes a popping sound under the hood of an 01 ranger?

:P You're going to have way more detail than that! If it is an electrical sound (Fast buzz) then look at your plug-wires in a dark setting. If it's a firecracker pop sound, then inspect your manifold for cracks or blown gasket or leaks.

How can you tell if a engine is blown on a 1985 Lincoln Mark 7 if you hear a loud tapping coming from the right side of the engine?

General engine health can be determined by testing compression, oil pressure and blowby. The noise you describe can be caused by several things. Check the "temerature riser", a valve that allows exhaust gasses to cross over the intake manifold to pre-heat a cold engine. Also check the EGR valve. If it's leaking it can sometimes make a sound that might be interpreted as tapping. It could also be a collapsed lifter. That often occurs if the oil hasn't been kept clean. There are a few engine cleaning products that help occasionally, but don't count on it. You might also want to check your exhaust manifold and gasket. If the gasket is blown, or if the manifold is cracked, it can also make that loud tapping sound.

Could a manifold gasket leak cause an engine knock?

No, knocking in an engine is normally more serious than a gasket leak. Depending on how heavy the knock sound is it could be the Big Ends bearings need changing or it if its fainter than that it could be the timing is out. Either way it can cause real damage to the engine and should be repaired as quickly as possible. Have seen exhaust manifold gasket leaks that are described as a 'knock' by inexperienced persons. Normally a knock is piston connecting rod bearings that have gone out.

How come my 94 ford mustang has a knocking tapping sound coming from the intake manifold what in the heck could it be?

generally it isn't really coming from the intake rather it is echoing from the engine through components into the intake. the intake is hollow so it echoes most sounds making it seem noises come from the intake when most of the time it's not the part making noise. check your oil level. if you have OHC's that could be a next place to check

What would cause a whisling sound while car is idle but goes away when you accelarate?

You may have a vacuum hose leak. Check for cracked or broken small diameter hoses coming from the intake manifold.

What are the signs of a bad exhaust manifold gasket?

For me, I smelled the exhaust whenever I would have the heat or a/c on, especially at a higher fan speed. If a exhaust manifold gasket is badly broken you may hear a knocking sound that may sould like you have a rod knock. Also you can at times see black soot like you would find inside mufler. depending on yor car, newer cars dont leave much soot.

Would a bad exhaust manifold also cause a ticking like a lifter if needed replacement?

if it is cracked or the gasket is bad sometimes they sound like ticking lifters. look for carbon deposits at joints and on the manifolds themselves.

1997 Pontiac sunfire clicking sound when it warms up doesnt do it when it is first started only does it when the car warms up could it be an intake maiflod gasket?

I would think it could be an exhaust manifold leak. Look at the exhaust manifold for a bolt that is missing; then can vibrate loose( Some manifolds use gaskets-some don't). Also look where the exhaust manifold attaches to the exhaust pipe for leaks. Leaks will often leave a black or gray soot mark if they are leaking; and they usually leak once the motor warms up and parts expand. I hope this helps you. Mark