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As with all of these questions, the cause could be many things, but one common one is this: The clicking is being caused by a bad exhaust-manifold gasket, which allows exhaust to escape its normal route from exhaust manifold to pipe to muffler. And in escaping that route, the leak makes noise as often as the piston nearest the leak purges exhaust from the cylinder in which it is operating. Hence a clicking noise that increases in frequency with an increase in RPMs.

If it's not a valve issue or some other issue, this problem won't hurt the car; it'll just get worse and more noticeable as the exhaust continues to erode the gasket material.

Check for loose sparks plugs also, sometimes the smallest thing could be the problem, i had the same problem and that's what it turned out to be.

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Q: What does a clicking or ticking sound mean when accelerating or releasing the gas pedal?
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What would cause a knocking noise when the engine is cold . What does a clicking or ticking sound mean when accelerating or releasing the gas pedal?

a "knocking" noise could be your lifters. and the ticking when accelerating and letting out of the gas is the same thing. check your oil and if it's full then you may need to think about either having them adjusted, or getting new ones. depending on what you have depends on whether or not you wanna sell it

Noises when you push gas pedal?

ticking noise when the gas pedal is pressed in a 2005 ford ranger

How do you stop my clipless bicycle pedals from making a clicking noise when i pedal?

Depends on where the clicking is coming from. If it's from the pedal axle, it may be adjustable. If it isn't, you need a new pedal.

2000 GMC Jimmy There is a constant ticking sound sounds like the turn signal but it's not on Which relay is it?

I have the same problem, have traced it to a relay behind the glove compartment. But I have no idea which relay this is, have noticed if I depress the brake pedal just a bit the clicking stops. I am still looking for an answer.

Why do you get a clicking noise when you press the clutch pedal?

that is the wheel getting ready to change gear

MTD riding mower makes a terrible noise when releasing the gas pedal?

Check the belt.

Why does your car make a clicking sound when you release the brake pedal?

Possibly nothing more than the brake pedal return spring catching on something.

Why does my mercury villager make a loud noise when accelerating that stops when you take your foot off the pedal?

If this is a general noise, it could be the transaxle. When you are accelerating, the engine is pushing the gears, and when you let go of the pedal, the vehicle starts to shift back down. If this is an engine noise, it could be predetonation or a valve problem.

Why is my brake pedal clicking on your vauxhall vectra?

There is an electronic relay switch which turns on the rear brake lights-It's located behind the brake pedal- It clicks when you push the pedal down, making contact.

The origin of the idiom pedal to the metal?

It's a reference to driving, esp cars from the '50s. The throttle is wide open when the (gas) pedal is fully depressed. With really old cars the floorboards are metal so with the "pedal to the metal" your accelerating as much as possible.

Why does your 2000 impala shake bad when accelerating but once you let off of the gas pedal it rides smooth it only does it when i touch the gas pedal?

Spark plugs need changing. Also check the wires.

1999 civic si clunk noise upon pressing or releasing gas pedal?

Bad motor mount.

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