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What does abolitionist mean?

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Someone who wants to abolish something. In American History, people who wanted to abolish slavery were called abolitionists.

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What does abolitionist mean mean?

The word abolitionist means a person that was against slavery. :)

What is abolitionist slavery?

what does it mean to abolish something

What does abolistine mean?

An abolistine does not seem to mean anything but might be related to the word abolitionist. An abolitionist is a person who fought against slavery. Abolistine might be a version of that word.

What does a abolitionist mean?

Its a person who wanted to abolish or get rid of slavery

What does abolinisht mean?

Abolitionist is a person who wanted to stop slavery.

Was Sojourner Truth an abolitionist?

Yes she was an abolitionist

What is a synonym for abolitionist?

A synonym for abolitionist is activist.

How was Horace Mann an abolitionist?

He was a reformer not a abolitionist

What does an abolitionist do?

A abolitionist is a peson that is against slavery.

What part of speech abolitionist?

Abolitionist is a noun.

Who are the abolitionist?

Abolitionist were the people who were against slavery.

Who was the first abolitionist?

There really wasn't a first abolitionist, but Sojourner Truth was considered the first abolitionist.

What does abdotionist mean?

The closest word I can find is 'Abolitionist' which means someone who opposed slavery.

What is a albinitionist?

Did you perhaps mean abolitionist? If so, an abolitionist is a person who is in favor of removing or getting rid of (abolishing) something. Probably the most well known use of the word is as relating to slavery.

Who is an abolitionist?

An abolitionist is a person that is against slavery!!! You are Welcome =)

Who was Jonathan walker abolitionist?

jonathan walker abolitionist

Who was a female abolitionist?

Sojourner Truth (1797 - 1883) - abolitionist & feminist Angelina Grimke (1803 - 1879) - abolitionist & feminist Sarah Grimke (1792 - 1873) - abolitionist & feminist Frances Harper (1825 - 1911) - abolitionist, feminist & writer Maria Stewart (fl. 1830s) - abolitionist & educator Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 - 1896) - abolitionist, feminist & writer Harriet Tubman (1826 - 1913) - abolitionist & feminist Ida B. Wells (1862 - 1931) - abolitionist & writer

What did the abolitionist want?

The abolitionist wanted tohelp end slavery.

What have others said about Lucretia Coffin Mott?

she was an abolitionist she was an abolitionist

Select the person who was NOT an abolitionist?

Roger B. Taney was not an abolitionist.

Is Harriet Tubman an abolitionist?

Yes Harriet Was a true abolitionist .

Use abolitionist in a sentence?

An abolitionist was a person who worked to abolish slavery in the United States. So in a sentence: Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist.

Was Eli Whitney an abolitionist?

Yes! Eli Whitney was in fact an abolitionist!

Can you put the word Abolitionist in a sentence?

you just did, and you can.....ex. he was an ab abolitionist

Why did people join the abolitionist movement?

They believed that the abolitionist movement was right.