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What does air bag code 19 mean on a 1998 Ford Ranger and how do you repair it?

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This most likely is a "Clock Spring". This a device under the steering wheel that conects the airbag, to the car wiring while allowing the steering wheel to turn

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Why do I occasionally get a 0300 code on my 2004 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter every few month's or so?

Code P0300 indicates a random misfire. - Haynes Repair Manual #36071, 1995-2005 Ford Ranger Pick-ups.

Ford Ranger 1998 what does the code 1504 mean?

Trouble code P1504 means:Idle air control IAC circuit malfunction

What does the error code P701 mean on a 1998 ford ranger?

Trouble code P0701 means: Transmission control system,range or performance problem

Is there a fuse for code scanner connector for a99 Ford Ranger?

i have a 99 ford ranger xlt. my code scanner connector is not working,is there a fuse for it

Ford ranger code 32 how can you reset passanger air bag?

2005 ranger code 32 reset

How do you repair a code P1409 on a Ford Escape?

The repair code P1409 on a Ford Escape is for the EVR Control Circuit. You will need to replace the circuit.

1999 Ford Ranger check engine light is on for code P1309 what is it and how costly to repair?

p1039 for a 1999 ford ranger indicates a camshaft position sensor fault. it could be the sensor, wiring, or the PCM. must be properly diagnosed to determine the real fault.

PO 306 code in Ford Ranger 2002 V6 3.0L?

What is PO 306 in my 2002 Ford Ranger V6 3.0L

How do I fix a 2000 Ford Ranger code of PO304?

Code P0304 on 2000 Ford Ranger is: Misfire at cylinder 4 detected. May be cause by a bad spark plug.

What douse the trouble code po1451 on your 1998 3.0l ford ranger mean?

Do you mean P1451 ? - Evap Control System Canister Vent Solenoid Circuit Malfunction

What are car stereo wiring colors for a 2007 ford ranger?

Color code chart speakerwireing,2007ford,ranger

What is your 1998 Ford Ranger 4X4 gear ratio?

On your 1998 Ford Ranger 4X4 : Open the drivers door and on the latch pillar is an information sticker One of the things it shows is the axle code ( listed under axle ) You don't say if you have the 3.0L or 4.0L V6 engine or if it is an automatic or manual transmission but that is a really good place to start for a person to answer your question

Ford ranger transmission specs?

Ford Ranger transmission specs are the parts that makes the truck run. This includes the vin number, model, trans code and speed.

What sensor matches code P0500 on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

speed sensor a

What is Ford axle code 82?

According to the 1996 Ford Ranger owners manual : Axle code 82 is a ( 3.08 conventional ) ( not a traction-lok )

What is the rear end gear ratio of a 1999 Ford Ranger with axle code 86?

I ASSUME axle code " 86 " is the same as it is on the ( 1996 ) Ford Ranger ( 3.73 gear ratio , conventional / non - limited slip )

What causes an error code of P1432 in a 2001 Ford Ranger?

I noticed that question has already been correctly answered by Jrc405 on page 5 of the Ford Ranger XL Q & A

What is code p0420 on 1997 ford ranger?

Trouble code P0420 means:Catalyst system efficiency below threshold

What is code P1311 and c6200 for 97 ford ranger? got to this web site put in Ford and also trouble code and it will tell u what it is

How do you fix a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup with an error code of 1401?

P1401 is DPFE sensor circuit high, check out this tutorial to replace the sensor on your Ford

What is the engine code for a ford ranger 4x2?

The 8th " character " of your 17 digit VIN

What is the OBD code B1095 for a ford ranger?

This question cannot be answered due to supervision.

What is code 0300 on a 1997 ford ranger?

P0300 = Random/multiple misfire detected

What is code p0402 for a ford ranger 2001?

Trouble code P0402 means:Exhaust gas recirculation flow excessive detected

What is engine code P0305 ford ranger 3.0 flex fuel?

cylinder 5 misfire