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What does an Australian look like?


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February 02, 2009 6:51AM

Most Australians have a head with two ears, two eyes, which can be of different colours like blue and brown most commonly. The head also has one nose and a mouth. All heads have a brain inside them, some brains are used on occasions, some are not. The head often has hair of different colours sticking out of it, some natural colours such as brown, black, blonde, red and even grey, some have artificial colours such as blue, pink, green and blonde, other heads have not much hair at all. The head is stuck to the torso via a neck at the shoulders. An arm sticks out from the shoulders on each side of the body and on the end of each arm is a hand with four fingers and an opposable thumb. The arm can bend in the middle at a joint called the elbow, and the hand can bend on the end of the arm at the wrist. The torso contains most of the internal organs, but some peoples internal organs take up a lot more space than other people's internal organs. The torso is connected to two legs at the hips, one on each side. The legs can bend in the middle at the knee. Each leg extends down, via yet another fabulous joint called the ankle, to a foot, each one having five toes usually. A combination of movements of the feet and legs enables us to propel ourselves along in any direction. Aren't Australians just fantastic creatures? Australians are then divided into two categories, male and female, but there is occasionally some confusion in this area. The differences are usually fairly obvious and are pretty much the same all over the world, as far as I can tell.