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What does an RN do?


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May 28, 2007 2:29AM

An RN is typically a Registered Nurse, licenced by the State Board of Nursing in which they are employed. They go through formal schooling from 2-4 years on average, though many RN's continue their education to the Masters level and above. RN's practice nursing in many settings, including Public Health Clinics, Home Health Care, Acute Care (Hospitals), Rehabillitation Centers, Medical Care Provider's Offices, Schools, etc. They perfom physical assessments to determine symptoms per body system and then collaborate with an Advance Practice Nurse (Nurse Practitioner), PA (Physicians Assistant), DO (Doctor of Osteopathy), MD (Medical Doctor), and others to promote optimal wellness for the individual. They provide direct bedside care, implement care, medication regimens and care plans in every setting to assist the patient/client and family to achieve their optimal outcomes. Hope this helps.