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the x means you must mute the note

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โˆ™ 2007-11-25 06:33:10
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Q: What does an x on a tab mean?
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When guitar tab has a x and then a number at the end of the tab what does it mean?

'x' means the particular string it is next to is not played, 'number' is at which fret to play the string the number is by, counting down from the headstock.

When you Open Google Chrome you Get Two Tab How Do You Get Rid Of The Second Tab?

Press the x on the tab

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What does Tab Knapping mean?

it means to tab knapp a guitar.

How do you close a tab?

You click the little X on the tab. There is also a shortcut for closing a tab. It is ctrl + w This shortcut really works

What does the sale tab mean on the private sales on Howrse?

There is no sales tab in the private sales? :$

What does a tab mean in music terms?

Tab is a form of music that many guitar players read.

Where can you find some Charlie McCoy Harmonica tab?

Lonesome onry &mean harmonica tab

What does the medical abbreviation Tab mean?

TAB means therapeutic abortion or tablet, depending on the context.

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Are you sure you did not mean `Put it on my tab.`A tab is a running bill at a bar. Put it on my tab means that you will pay the whole amount later, e.g. at the end of the evening, month etc.

How do you get this game out of your computer?

you delete the tab or just x the page out

What does the x stand for in ukulele notes?

In tab nomenclature, an x on a string indicates that it should not be played.

How do you open a tab in safari?

Mac OS X versionThere are several ways to do this: File -> New TabKey combination: Command + TDouble tab on free space in tab bar (Tab bar is only displayed in there is at least two open tabs)

What does h mean on guitar tab?


What does the kvk mean in oxycodone 5mg tab?

what does the kvk mean in oxycodone

What does it mean when inter. exp.asks new tab?

it means that you should just create a new tab!

How do you clear tabs from your Google Chrome?

You can always close an unwanted tab if you want to. The close or X symbol at the right of each tab title can do that.

How do you turn the window in Windows 7?

What do you mean turn the window? Aero version of Alt-Tab? Win+Tab

What does the O mean on a guitar tab?

You play it as an open note (Dont put any fingers on it when u strum but still strum it. an X means dont strum it)

What does r mean on a guitar tab?

release the bend

What does the b mean on a guitar tab?

bend the string

What is the mean of the shift plus tab?

Caps lock

What is a Dsus4 on guitar?

If you read tab, this is it: ------3------ ------3------ ------2------ ------0------ ------x------ ------x------ This is my favorite chord, btw. :)

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TAB stands for Telephone Account Betting. It was the name of Beulah Park's ADW service, now discontinued.

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