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What does hotlinking images mean?

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A hotlink is a direct link to an image on someone else's web server. For example, if you saw an image that you like in one of these blinkies resources and you put the image on your weblog using the image URL source of that other person's site, then you are hotlinking. And, unless the owner of that site permits this, then you are stealing bandwidth, which is unacceptable. The right thing to do, if you are allowed to use an image from someone else's site but not allowed to hotlink, is to save that image on your computer. Then, upload the image on your own server. You can then link the image to your weblog.

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What does images mean in form o literary?

images are pictures

What does relie les images et les mots mean in?

Connect the images with the right words.

How old are the images on Google earth?

The images are new now by new satellite views the images are clearer than before it was from 2003 now the images are from year 2005 that mean UPDATED

How do you align images?

you mean merging the images just press cntrl +E in windows and on mac cmd + E

What does regarde les images mean?

look at the pictures

What does animation mean in java?

It means moving images.

What does your top images in twitter mean?

Your most viewed.

Images and symbols are interchangeable and mean the same thing?


What does images mean in French?

une image is a picture in French.

What does it mean to be a visual person?

Someone that can easily picture images in their head.

Where can you get Alaskan flag?

I don't mean to sound stupid, but google images?

Where can I get my images clipped?

If you mean resized you can do it online at some sites for free.

What uses electronics to produce magnified images?

If you mean what uses electrons to produce magnified images, that would be the electron microscope (EM), of which there are several types.

What does it mean if a shape has 2 lines of symmetry what doe s this mean?

It means it has 2 lines of 'mirror images'

What does NWS mean?

National Weather Service When relating to images, Not work safe.

What does briddle mean?

Its a colour check it out on google images type in briddle horses

What does it mean when a student makes art with an absence of identifiable images?

abstract art

What does the key on a map do?

The key on a map explains what the symbols and images on the map mean.

What does the word iconoclast mean?

A person who breaks images and attacks cherished beliefs.

What does grisly images mean?

it means that some of the images you see in the movie or whatever are really graphic violent disturbing like very messed up horrorfying

Are bing images free and non copy right images?

NO THEY ARE NOT!! The results of a BING image search returns images from the Internet, but that DOES NOT MEAN that they are yours for the taking! These images are not free for anyone to swipe. They are the copyright of their respective owners, and if you use use them without permission, you can be subject to lawsuit for copyright infringement.

What does Google images mean?

Google Images is a variation of Google Search, but it displays pictures of the desired subject. For example, if you were to type in "Mario and Luigi" into Google Images, you might get various uploaded pictures of the video game characters Mario and Luigi.

Types of images in image processing?

Binary images, Indexed images, Grayscale images, True color images

What is the key on a map?

The key on a map is what shows you what the psychical features or images on the map mean

What are picstures?

You mean pictures? Their basically images, that you take with a camera, to save the moment or the memory