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What does it mean if im 37 weeks pregnant and having terrible back pains and ache under your bump?

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It means your hormones are preparing your body for labor by softening your ligaments so your pelvis can accommodate the birth if your baby. Painful, but worth it in the end. If you can get a pregnancy corset to support your back and bump you will find you are a lot more comfortable.

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You are pregnant and you keep getting stomach pains under your belly button?


Should you be concerned if you are 10 weeks pregnant and you are having lower right side pains under your old c-section and you had this pain before you became pregnant?

I would give your Doctor a call to be on the safe side. I wouldn't be especially concerned unless your experience severe abdominal pains or vaginal bleeding. But do contact your Doctor.

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Go see you OBGYP or go to the nearest hospital to be checked out.

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You need to get a referral to a gastroenterologist and find out what your problem is. Don't under any circumstances attempt to self-diagnose.

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For the under the belt, you could be tightening your belt too much, and when you move around, it hurts you more. For the lower back pains, you probably overworked something, perhaps pulled a muscle, and you ought to rest and perhaps ice it (for any swelling). I would suggest not working too strenuously with physical projects, or at least not to overdo yourself.

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