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Well i think u should go & see ur doctor about it. Because that happened 2 me & it turned out i was pregnant. OR u should try taking a pregnancy test if u havent.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-29 13:37:11
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Q: What does it mean if you just had a period which was really light then three days later started to spot blood?
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I had my period but started it again eight days later and its almost a dark brown. What does this mean?

Its most likely dry blood.

What does it mean if your period ended and then two days later you have really bad cramps and when you wipe there is a little blood?

it's still not over ur period

Why have you started your period two weeks early after having an implant put in?

Can someone tell me why I have started my period two weeks early. I have put an implant in my arm whilst I was on my 5th day of my period, two weeks later I started my period but it is really light. On the second day of my period it was brown then after that it was light pink...please help me

You started your birth control a week latewill this effect your period?

Yes you will have period later .

You get brown discharge then a week later red blood so when does your period start?

That was your period.

You had unprotected sex 8 times a week later started throwing up and then the week after started bleeding is that your period?

ya that's your period

What could be wrong if you started having brown discharge about five days before your period was supposed to start and you still have it six days later with some blood?


Can you be pregnant if your period started 8 days later?

maybe the chances are increased

Could you still have a period and be pregnant?

My Husband and I are trying to conceive. Seven days ago we began trying. Now, seven days later it is like I started my period. I was really excited,could I still be pregnant?

What if you have your period later then you normally do?

you could be pregnant but there is a chance that it just came later then schedule, Your period will do that. if a week has gone by since you should have started your period i would contact your doctor to see if you are pregnant or not

Why are you still bleeding after your period is over with two days ago and then you started back?

I have the same thing happening to me. I had a "regular" period this month, then three or four days later I started bleeding again, very heavy, even for my period when it usually starts and the blood is bright red.

Why did you spot and days later you started period then spotted again?

because your period is going to be heavy if you do that were a pad 5 days before your period comes on

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