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it means that your timing belt needs to be changed.

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Q: What does it mean when a loud bang comes from the muffler while you are driving?
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What would cause a motor to make a loud bang and then sound like it doesnt have a muffler?

A buildup of raw fuel in the exhaust system is then ignited and damages the exhaust muffler or blows a pipe apart.

What makes a 97 tracker have a constant clicking while driving. Just put new rotors and brakes on the front end. While test driving it I heard a bang and it stopped. It started doing it again.?

did you have the cv joints checked?

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Check your muffler mine was doing that same thing. The 2 rubber bushing that keep the muffler hung had come off. All you have to do is push up on the muffler slightly and slide them back on this should get rid of the rattling. You may have to jack up the car to get to both of the bushings since they are about in the center of the car just behind the front doors.

What causes a 16.5 hp Briggs and Stratton MTD mower backfire every time it is shut off after mowing the yard?

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