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What does it mean when the check engine light appears on a 2000 Cherokee Sport?

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May 29, 2007 4:54PM

Computer has detected a problem with the emissions controls. Fix ASAP. Generally this is an emission problem, it could be something as simple as your fuel cap is not on or it could be much more costly such as an O2 sensor. If the light is just "on" the problem is not critical, but you can not pass emission testing. If the light is "flashing" you should head straight for the dealer for repair. One quick fix - this has worked for me twice - is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, this will re-set your computer and might turn the light off. answer take it to a auto parts store (auto zone ) they will put a computer on it and it will read a code and tell u the problem is. they should not charge u for it You may also check the wires leading to the rear O2 sensor. They pass over the drive shaft held in place by a clip. The clip hasbeen known to come loose and allow the wires to drop onto the drive shaft. They will then wear and cause the check engine light to come on.