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It means that the transmission solenoid sensor is out.There are two of them that are located close to the dip stick for checking your fluid. Take it out and order a new part from Honda. that should help. then reset your computer by disconecting the negative battery cable.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-11 02:53:46
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Q: What does it mean when the green light around the D in the shift on the dash board starts blinking on a 2003 Honda Element?
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Why is your d light on Honda accord keeps blinking?

i guess the same as blinking d light on honda element that just started today on an 06 element. has to go to fix it shop and ill let you know what it is soon. never had this happen on older hondas?

What is the red blinking light next to the hood release on my 04 Honda Element?

Maybe the hood isn't shut tight?

What does it men when the D Drive indicator is blinking on an 05 Honda Accord?

The blinking D on the Honda Accord means that the transmission is throwing out a code just like a CEL.

When was Honda Element created?

Honda Element was created in 2003.

Blinker blinking really fast on 2003 Honda Accord?

This is an indication you have a bulb burnt out on the side the blinker is blinking real fast.

Why is the d4 light blinking on a 1994 Honda prelude?

Transmission error

When does a green light near D shift starts blinking on your Honda accord 2004 when it jumps over a rough road or over a pith hole on the road?

Maybe a loose wire

How do you program keyless entry remote on a Honda Element?

How do I stop the seatbelt light from blinking on a 1991 Honda Accord?

By wearing the seatbelt.

Honda Pilot drive light blinking?

Transmission Prssure Switch/Sensor -

How do you change your alternator on your 2004 Honda Element?

how to change altunator on my 2004 honda element

What element has the symbol H?

The Honda Element

Where is the Transmission Shift Solenoid located at on a 1991 Honda Accord LX?

How do I troubleshooting the D4 blinking on 1993 Honda accord LX ?

Where can you find a free wiring diagram for a Honda Element?

What car starts with H?

a Honda such as a Honda Jazz

Why Front right turn signal is blinking dim and faster in Honda Accord 1999 model?

A fast turn signal blinking can be caused by a bulb that is getting ready to out or a bad ground. Remove the bulbs and look for corrosion around the base and in the bulb socket.

What does blinking drive light on transmission mean on a 2003 Honda Pilot?

Transmission problem

What causes a blinking engine light and misfire in a Honda Civic?

normally the coil pack

What are some features of the 2003 Honda Element?

There are many features of a 2003 Honda Element. The biggest features of the 2003 Honda Element would be the leather seats, the radio, and the air conditioning.

2006 Honda Element have a timing belt or chain?

The 2006 Honda Element has a timing belt, not a chain.

How do you change transmission filter on a Honda Element?

I don't believe Honda Element automatic transmission has a filter.

How do you reset 2008 Honda Element service light?

How do you reset 2008 honda element service light?

Where is the heater blower resistor located in a 2003 Honda Element?

where is the heater blower resistor in a 2003 Honda element

Where to find the radio code on 2008 Honda Element?

I need a radio code for my 2008 honda element sc?

Why is the oil light blinking red on a 1994 Honda Prelude?

You probably need to get your oil changed?