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you just have a short cycle.

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I got my periods late this month but when they started they were normal they stopped in 4 days and now on the 10th and 11th day i see heavy spotting again is it normal?

Sometimes hey have their periods interupted.

If you have normal periods but every now and again you spot between your periods what is causing this if you have been to a gynecologist and the results were normal?

spotting can happen either before of after your period often it is dried blood if however you are worried then you should contact your gp.

Why am i spotting after having a period but going off nuva ring?

After you use Nuva Ring, you can expect your usual withdrawal bleeding after removing the last ring. After that, your normal period usually comes in 4-6 weeks if your periods were regular prior to using Nuva Ring. It's not unusual to have some spotting as your body starts to ovulate again. If you have any other symptoms, see your health care provider for an exam.

If Had my period on 12-26-09 and I'm spotting again on 01-14-10 could i be pregnant?

Yes. when i was pregnante i had 2 periods. You need to take a test

Could you be pregnant if your period was 4 days late then had 2 days of light pink then brown spotting but hpt came back negative?

Yes. You should get yourself tested again, and again.....until your sure. Some women have periods throughout there whole pregnancy.

What if your period starts and stops then starts again?

Your probably spotting

I have not have your periods since Aug 11 did 2 test and they were neg and having cramps as if your periods is coming am also spotting a little is that normal?

Hiya, I would think its completely normal. I missed 5months of periods. Its most common if you've just started. But then again if you havent it happens. You'll always miss periods, you just have to enjoy the time you have, because trust me, they'll be back before you know it. -Hope this helped.

You've been breastfeeding for 7 months and you started having periods but this month you were spotting you took a pregnancy test but it was negative could you be pregnant could the test be wrong?

Breastfeeding could be throwing off your hormones, causing you to spot. Pregnancy test results are usually accurate. Wait another week and then test again if you're not sure.

Is there be a problem if on an 8 day menstrual cycle you periods begin with spotting and disappear by 6th day and on 8th day again there is spotting?

This would only be abnormal if the spotting on the eighth day is bright red. Actually, I have always happened this to me - bleeding for 5 days, not bleeding one day, and then bleeding bright red and a lot for another 2 days. What it meant for me was that I have an inverted (heart shaped) uterus. This causes the disruption in bleeding. At least that's what I was told.

What can I do for the side effect of stopping the pill?

There isn't anything that you can do to stop the side effects of stopping birth control pills.After stopping birth control you may most likely experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding. This is simply your body ridding the hormones out of your body. If you had irregular periods before starting the pill, you will have irregular periods again after stopping birth control.

If you have missed two periods but the pregnancy tests are negative could you be pregnant?

Probably not, but there is a small possibility. You should go see a doctor to find out for sure if you are pregnant or not and to get your periods started again if you aren't pregnant. It's not usually healthy for a women not to have her period.

My periods come regularly only this month i missed it and am spotting instead what can that mean hcg came out negative should i test again?

Maybe you just tested too soon. Try again when the spotting stops and see what happens with that. I say when the bleeding stops because that usually means that it has implanted itself into your uterus so the HCG hormones should be showing up right about then. If you still get a BFN then I would go to the doctor. Everyone knows that blood tests are better anyway plus the doc can do all the necessary tests that you really need to have done anyway. Good luck to you in everything that you want. I will be thinking of you. Keep me posted...PLEASE:)

You have irregular periods you are not on the pill This month your period is once again late you did have some light spotting 3 weeks ago could this have been your period?

Could have been. Birth control pills (especially going on or getting off) can screw up the menstruation cycle.

Is there any problem if you find blood again on your panties a week after your actual periods?

Bleeding after your cycle is over can be caused by a sudden drop in estrogen that occurs just before ovulation. The drop in hormones can trigger withdrawal bleeding. Spotting tends to be more common in longer cycles.

Will a pregnancy test be correct if you are spotting?

Yes. The test detects a hormone, regardless of if, or how much, you are bleeding actually this is incorrect...hcg only appears after the egg has fully implanted. so if this spotting is implantation bleeding you should wait a few days to test again after the spotting has stopped.

Is it normal if you're 7 weeks 4 days pregnant and saw light pinkish spotting at 6 weeks 3 days and again at 7 weeks 4 days but it's only when you wipe?

What you described is usually implantation spotting. But I would see your doctor incase its a urinary tract infection. These are very common during pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you bled heavily one day and your period was a few days early the next two days but was lighter and now you are spotting?

Heavy bleeding usually isn't pregnancy related. It sounds like you're experiencing irregular periods or even a hormonal imbalance. You will need to see your doctor about this incase you need some medication to regulate your period again. However it is advisable that you rule out pregnancy asap.

Bleeding in first trimester?

It is not normal but again it isn't rear, it is known as spotting, it usually occurs between four to six weeks of your pregnancy and it shouldn't last long. If it occurs more than a month, you need to see you gynaecologist.

You got your period about 2 weeks ago and had a spotting of blood last week and again today is that bad?


Is it normal to have spotting and pain in the lower abdomen during the seventh month of pregnancy?

The spotting is always cause for concern. Get in to see the doctor any time you have spotting while you're pregnant. Pain in the lower abdomen can be serious but it can also be pulling ligaments. Again, see your doctor if you have any questions.

Why did you started bleeding two weeks after your period started?

Was it a proper period or just spotting? If it was a proper period, if it happens again, you need to speak to your doctor. If it was spotting, then it was probably because you were ovulating because many women experience spotting when they are ovulating (releasing an egg) as this occurs roughly 2 weeks after your period

If you have your period for 4 days then stops and 2 days you start spotting again is that normal?

yes it is normal there was just a break.

If your spotting for 2 days when your supposed to be having your period and been off birth control for 2 months could I be pregnant?

well everyone says its normal to have light periods but i never have ,my whold life ive had heavy periods even when on the pill. when i was trying for a baby it took months and still had periods but this paticuliar month it was really light and thought it was unusual so i did a test and found out i was pregnant wihich was a shock seen as i thought u didnt have periods when you were pregnant. so the next following month i had the same again light periods and was still pregnant so i had to go hospital for test thinking i was losing the baby but 9 months later i gave birth to a healthy 8lb 2 oz baby boy so that's what light periods ment for me ,but at the moment there the same again and ive done a test and its negative so ill wait now to see what happens hope this helps

How many periods do you miss when you are pregnant?

When your pregnant you miss 10 months of periods but as soon as you give birth you are back to odd premenstrals again. Hope this helps

I got inseminated on the 150208 and had regular sex.On 030708 i got period like spotting and was little bit thick like periods for 2 days. 2-pregnancy test results since then. Am I still pregnant?

I got inseminated by my doctor on the 15th of February and myself and my hubby had regular sex after that ....On March 7th i got period like spotting and was little bit thick like periods for 2 days.... after i got 2 negeticve pregnancy test i considered that there was no pregnancy and started going out normally....but from yesterday again I am seeing brown spotting... and it is not looking like periods.... Is there a chance that I can be pregnant? should i take any bedrest in order to avoid complication... I am currently outside USA so I cannot go to consult my doctor iuntil the third week of APril... I dont feel any breast tenderness or nausea but I am blotting around my stomach and feels some back pain occasionally