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usually a light implies there is a possible problem. also, make sure air bag switch is on.

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2006-09-23 04:23:05
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Q: What does it mean when your air suspension light comes on?
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What does it mean when air suspension light comes on in a 1998 mercury grand marquis?

These cars have air suspension when they are built in the factory. Likely someone has taken the air suspension out, and left the sensors there, causing it to detect a problem. Not a serious thing.

What does it mean when check suspension light is on?

A malfunction with the air suspension system has been detected

What does the Suspention warning lamp light explorer 2000 mean?

The "CHECK SUSP" light comes on in the run position just before starting the engine to check the bulb . If the warning light comes on with the engine running that indicates that the air suspension system requires servicing

What could be wrong when the suspension light comes on and the fuse blow on a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?

A possible cause for this is that air suspension pump is continully working due to a leaking air bag

How can you disable the check suspension light?

If you fix the problem with your air suspension

What if air suspension pump comes on but suspension never rises?

sounds like your solenoids are leaking, usually in your air bag (suspension). or a hose.

Air suspension in a 1995 continental?

Yes the 1995 Lincoln Continental comes from the factory with air suspension, in which can be converted to non-air.

Mercury Grand Marquis check air suspension light is on?

I have a 1998 ford grand Marquis- and the problem is the air suspension light stays on- how to fix this problem

What accessories are usually needed when you are buying a Firestone Air Bay Suspension Kit?

The Firestone air bag suspension kit comes with all the necessary equipment.

What could cause the light control module to burn and the air suspension is not working?

get a new light

Check suspension light on 2000 ford expedition what does this mean?

A malfunction with the air suspension system has been detected Most of the time it is because you have to much air in your tires or not enough in your tires, check your recommended tire pressure(psi) with an air gauge when you have the correct pressure turn your truck off and restart it the light will go off.

Why would the air suspension light come on and the airbags do not leak on a 93 Lincoln Town Car?

You should check the air suspension switch, located on the passenger's side of the trunk. If the switch is off, the light will come on, also check the air suspension fuse. If both of these are OK, then the pump could possibly be going out.

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