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Each individual is different. If you have the power (husband or wife) then sometimes forcing them into detox will work. My husband's father started to drink later in life after he retired. He was a huge man (not fat) and would drink and drive and his mood wasn't the most pleasant. We tried everything and I suggest detox. We got him there and he spent 3 days there and kept phoning my husband's mother and was mad as a wet hen over it. He walked out the door on the 4th day and came home, but we told him if he hit the bottle again he would go to an institution to dry out. He never drank again! Someones one has got to be almost cruel to deal with an alcoholic. Alcoholism is actually a disease and it can be hereditary. Some people use it to deaden physical pain or emotional pain. Good or bad these types of people didn't become who they are because they wanted to hurt themselves or anyone they loved. Waiting is the hard part and until the alcoholic is either put into hospital or some institution where they can dry out and get psychological counseling they may never get it over and eventually die from liver disease or Heart disease. Some alcoholics go into hospital for detoxes on many occasions and still go back drinking...some die is also regarded as an illness of denial alot of alcoholics will experience life in the gutter where they have lost everything and live life hand to mouth and still be drinking the sufferer would have to give up for themselves first and not for anybody else if they are to have a realistic chance of recovery...the problem may occur when alcohol is taken in the system of an acoholic that causes an allergy combined with mental obsession that "lights up" the sufferer and continues the insanity of taking that first drink...without this first drink the sufferer cannot get drunk...some alcoholics don't have to reach a low rock bottom to stop drinking they realise the futility of their abuse...but in my opinion some alcoholics are "sicker" than others depending on what has happened in their past lives whether they can face their demons with a sober mind on a daily basis...

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Q: What does it take for an alcoholic to hit bottom and get help with alcoholism?
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Where can one take a test on 'Am I An Alcoholic'?

You can take a test on whether you are an alcoholic on various websites that offer advice on alcoholism. They will have people to help you through your problems.

What does it take for an alcoholic to stop drinking?

Simply the desire to stop. Contrary to a common belief, alcoholism is not a disease.

How long does it take to become an alcoholic?

This is the subject of considerable debate, given the fact that there is disagreement about how to define alcoholism. AA often asserts that some people are "born" alcoholic while others contend that it takes years for a person to become alcoholic.

Is alcoholism a decease?

No. Some people say it is as a justification. But, being an alcoholic is simply a choice, an unintelligent one, that some people choose to take.

What do you do if your mom is an alcoholic?

take her money away and all her alcohol and get her help

Early Signs Of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a very serious thing to consider, and if you suspect your friend is suffering from this terrible disease, try and identify a few alcoholism symptoms. The most obvious sign is irritability and mood swings upon consumption of alcohol. When a budding alcoholic can't handle being away from the drink, everyone will soon know - take heed of their obvious cry for help - you could easily stave off future disaster!

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How long does it take to recover from alcoholism?

This depends on how severe your addiction to alcoholism is. But the safest would be 3 months.

How much alcohol does it take to become an alcoholic?

An individual is genetically predisposed to the disease of alcoholism. A person's emotional makeup also plays a factor in the disease. Therefore, the tolerance for alcohol varies from person to person and there is no quantitative answer to this question.

Who never takes alcoholic drinks?

Abstainers never take alcoholic drinks.

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Alcoholic fermentation occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell.

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