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Medication can benefit in may things such as removing pain from injured areas, helping you to get better and many others some of which that i will have listed below. but most medications such as antibiotics help our body to fight the infection such as viral infections and lifelong diseases such as Arthritis, Diabetes. AIDS, malaria, HIV, cancer and many others some of which are very rare and we haven't even heard of. That is why we need medication otherwise the whole of the world population will die out in matter of years due to us no getting the correct medication that we need to survive in the big wide world.

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Meditation, particularly Vipassana(insight meditation) will do alot of benifit to your body. It will control the body through mind. It will slowdown certain chemical reactions and control some of the neuro-excitatory hormes so that it will help in maintaining the health such as reduction of blood pressure, control of blood sugar,and improves the immunity of the person who practices it. This insight meditation was discovered by Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

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meditation decreases blood pressure, muscle pain , and cholesterol , while improving digestion, relieving anxiety and depression , improving immunity, and boosting energy levels.

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Mediation is a form of mental concentration that leads to enlightenment and spiritual freedom. It has many benefits for our daily life. It is the best way to nourish your body and mind. Nowadays we can see that people live a busy life. They have no time for them self. And the result is that in this busy schedule people feel depressed. Meditation is the best key to remove this situation. It reduces stress and depression. It also encourages and develops concentration, clarity and emotional positivity.

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Yoga helps stretch and warm up your muscles

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Q: What does meditation do to your body?
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What is best way to relax your body?

by massaging

What are the release dates for Whole Body Health - 2007 Meditation 1-14?

Whole Body Health - 2007 Meditation 1-14 was released on: USA: 27 May 2009

What are facts Buddhist meditation?

If properly done, it's essentially the same as any other kind of true meditation. That is, focusing the mind for long time on a very specific and simple object, being physical or not (even "no object" could be). It seems that in Buddhist meditation some meditation objects are more frequent. Such is the case of meditation on breathing, on the body parts or on the full body as a whole among others.

Is transcendental meditation science or pseudoscience?

Meditation to put ones state of mind in a different dimension to create vision or to calm ones body.

What is the archetypal setting for Ramayana?

Ramayana is based on how to separate soul and body by meditation and it teach how to do meditation. Soul =Rama, Hanuman = breathing , Laxman = Desire, Ravan = Mind, Sita = Maya and Bharat = Body.

What will be the benefit from meditation?

Meditation benefits you in physical, spiritual, mental and psychological level. It is a practice that helps you to stay stress free and peacefully.Some of the benefits of meditation areHelps in harmonizing body and mind communication processStress free mindImproves overall body functioningHelps to quit addictionsIncreases confidence and wisdommany more

Are there Transcendental Meditation teachers in Mumbai India?

Yes, there are Transcendental Meditation teachers in Mumbai India but they cannot be advertised in the body of answers. The best thing to do is to research several on or offline and see which one best suits your needs. However, unlike other forms of meditation, such as Zen meditation (zazen), which is excellent, Transcendental Meditation is usually not free and it can be expensive.

What ways have you found to bring a "meditative" mind into your daily life?

These are the steps to meditate every day :) hore Meditation: Any repetitive chore can be turned into a meditation simply by adding a focusing element. Walking Meditation: While taking a walking link your breathing with your steps. Exercise Meditation: Turn exercise into meditation by focusing your mental energy on your body. Hope this helps you! :D

You have not been able to cope with the stress of divorce It is making you very depressed How can you relax?

Meditation could be ideal for you to cope with stress and relax you mind and body, you could also consult a therapist would could be helpful in getting you out of depression. But meditation really works! {| |- | Meditation could be ideal for you to cope with stress and relax you mind and body, you could also consult a therapist would could be helpful in getting you out of depression. But meditation really works! |}

Seek Pain Relief and Self Improvement through Meditation?

If you find that you constantly experience pain in various parts of your body, it may be time to learn about how meditation can drastically improve the pain and provide you almost instantaneous pain relief. Meditation is great for the mind and body, and it can even help you improve your overall attitude and well being. Instead of continuing to live with the pain and agony, give meditation a try and see what it can do for your self improvement.

Is there any feel of getting sleep after meditation?

Meditation, when done properly, will revive you in the same way a nap does. Turning down thoughts allows your body to relax to the point as one does when sleeping.