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The discriminatory treatment of someone because of political reasons. May also be used for the suppression of favorable news stories relating to someone in opposition to ones political views. This would be used in a similar manner as "racism" has been used to describe a discriminatory action or attitude, based on race. A person guilty of politism would be a "politist."
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What does political mean?

Political means involving or characteristic of politics or parties or politicians, of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power, of or relating to the profession of governing. Political refers to relationships of interest within a community, whether that commu ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Political condition?

The term 'political condition' is another way of saying 'governmentconsequences.' It is often used in contexts like, 'Describe thepolitical conditions of the rebellion.'

What is the meaning of dinner table politics?

Answer . Dinner table politics means exactly what it says. People debate generally over politics and, in fact, it's bad manners! The dinner table is no place to talk about politics or debate any subject.. Years ago wealthy people would eat dinner and then the men (generally) would retire to the ( Full Answer )

What does politics mean?

Politics is the societal means of compromise, especially as applied to government. It is the collective decisions on authority and law as decided by a group or assembly. The term originates with the "affairs of state" defined by Aristotle in his treatise on government (Greek politika from polis ( Full Answer )

What does political asylum mean?

Answer . to provide refuge or a secure home for a person regarded as being at risk from the government of their own country.

What does politics mean in a PESTLE analysis?

In PESTLE, politics means how once (country) polotical situation effects to any organization and its people. The political situation plays vital role in growth of any organzation.

What does polite mean?

polite means that they follow their manners and say their "please"and"thank you". make sure you be polite with everyone!

What does political climate mean?

example: a democratic environment, a republican climate eithor it is pertaining to a business or a family

What does political stabililty mean?

Political stability refers to a political scene where majority ofthe population is in favor of the ruling government. It also meansthat there is minimal violence and crime in the streets and peoplelive in relative safety.

What does it mean to be polite?

To be polite means to be kind and courteous to others. Regardlessof the situation or circumstances, kindness, good speech, andpoliteness is always displayed to others.

What does it mean to win by a landslide in politics?

Just watch Landslide Sarah Palin.. http://www.landslidesarah.com. ANS#2 . Landslide is hyperbole for winning by a large margin. Different people define "large" differently and it can mean anything from winning all the votes down to winning by a few percentage points.

What is the meaning of political ecology?

Political Ecology is the Study of the politics of environmental changes that influence the changes in socioeconomic power relations of the people in a society which may be due to natural or human induced phenomena and development interventions. . Sundar K Sharma . sharmak.1979@gmail.com, Kathmandu ( Full Answer )

What does retail politics mean?

Main Entry: . retail politics. Part of Speech: . n . Definition: . a type of political campaigning in which the candidate focuses on local events and meeting individual voters. Example: . Retail politics is the old-fashioned shaking hands and kissing babies.. Etymology: . orig referred ( Full Answer )

What does politically mean?

Politically is an adverb. It means "of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country." And of course, it has to do with " politics ." In other words, using America as an example, there are two major political parties-- the Democrats and the Republicans. Each wants to win election ( Full Answer )

What does political social and economic mean?

Political- having to do with government and politics ex: laws social- having to do with people ex: hairline economic - a having to do with money ex: the way of life is when you are small you learn how certainsubjects, that have to deal with every job in the world. And whenyour older you choose which ( Full Answer )

What does politic mean?

Using or marked by prudence, expedience, and shrewdness; artful. (different from politics - see related question)

What does conservative mean politically?

Conservative, Big C, means a belief in a so-called golden age of neo-liberal economics of the 19th century where there were no employment protection laws so children as young as ten died working in dangerous conditions. It means a belief in the power of capital over labour. Therefore, no unions, no ( Full Answer )

What does the term political mean?

it is of, or relating to the politics of the government of the state, its institutions and forms of administration

What does political belief mean?

Political beliefs is a phrase used to describe what ones feelings are towards the answers given by politicians.

What is the political meaning of 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Any political meaning varies with the audience of "The Wizard of Oz." Specifically, neither the author nor the film makers ever made any definitive statement regarding any possible respective political meanings of the original 1900 book edition or the beloved 1939 film version of "The Wizard of ( Full Answer )

What does politically redeemed mean?

I would think "politically redeemed" means politically saved... as in a party or politician has done/said something that saved them...

What does political bands mean?

A rulership band that has physical coercion as a guarantee of itsorder is a political band. When political bands are dissolved, itleads to political independence.

What is the meaning of political anatomy?

Political anatomy is a belief thatâ??s constructed by MichaelFoucault. This means that our actions are influenced and controlledby others and it is done unconsciously.

What does political effects mean?

Political effects mean that government official's decision hasimpact on the chances of getting re-elected. This term is usuallyused by news analysts.

What does it mean for a political party to be in power?

It means that one of the many political parties have the most seats in paliment, but it also means the party with most seats gets to take over the goverment. The party get to improve or civilise the state of the country. Now if conservative have enough seats they will be able to edit/improve the law ( Full Answer )

Meaning of socio-political essay?

A socio-political essay is an essay in which social and politicalfactors that are in connection would be relayed together. There area general set of guidelines for writing this type of essay.

What does moderate political values mean?

I was looking for the answer so I hit the button, only for you to ask me what I think it is. Please reword your formate to giving the answer I was looking for.

What does it mean to be politically to the right?

The political right is a wide term which can refer to any politics from the centre-right to the far-right. On the whole, those on the political right tend to favour a smaller state and lower taxes. In some countries, it can also mean 'conservative' in terms of social freedom - this could mean p ( Full Answer )

The meaning and scope of political science?

INTRODUCTION: MAn is a social animal by nature As said by Aristotle,& is nable to live alone. he needs to live with others and needs to have rules and regulations to regulate his activities .this work is performed by government in a state MEANING :

What does political impasse mean?

A point at which 2 or more people or groups of people who have different views cannot agree with the other side(s) basically a stalemate

What does act polite mean?

Act polite means to be kind and if you don't know what kind means it means to be nice.

What does political impact mean?

Political impact basically means a piece of paragraph that is to do with the politicians or anything to do with the standard of the currency daily. For example: The MPs are cutting the laws to a new standard so people have a chance of parking their cars in places they counldn't before. In that parag ( Full Answer )

What does it mean politically to be left?

In general, somebody who is left stresses community relations over individualism. "Equality" is more important than "Independence". Also "Left" is known as being "liberal". The political party that is Left/Liberal in the modern day is the Democratic Party.

What does 'political prejudice' mean?

It means that in a political way, that anything based on politics is made by prejudices to humiliate, blame, or insult a victim of it. For example, the US and Israel are easy targets of it, therefore having most of the world blaming them for their troubles such as poverty, corruption, human rights a ( Full Answer )

Does civil mean polite?

generally, yes. civil : adhering to the norms of polite social intercourse; not deficient in common courtesy polite: showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, etc.; courteous; civil

What does it mean to be politically correct in The Giver?

The term political correctness (often abbreviated to PC ) arose in the 1980s, first in America and soon afterwards elsewhere. It deals with many areas of social interaction; in language it is concerned with avoiding or replacing words and uses that cause offence or are seen as discriminating agai ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by political radicalisation of germany?

A radical solution is a more extreme kind of solution, so people who are radicalized are those who have come to believe that extreme solutions are needed. The political radicalization of Germany would be a trend of more people wanting extreme solutions for political problems, in Germany.

What is the political meaning of a racist?

The same as the dictionary meaning - except - in politics it is often used as part of inflammatory rhetoric and sometimes used as an epithet to inflame passions and unfairly brand certain people and groups.

What do you mean by traditional view of politics?

The proponents of the traditional view of politics were Garner,Hobbes etc. according to the traditional view , politics is concerned with the study of government. the traditional view of politics neglects the scientific methods and do not intermingle politics with other social sciences.

What does political assumption mean?

1. Something that is believed to be true without proof. Example: The assumption that such people have a genuine choice of schools for their children is false. 2. the process of beginning to take responsibility for something as assumption of office the time when someone starts a job. Example: on his ( Full Answer )

What is the Greek meaning of political?

The Greek meaning of political is of, for, or relating to citizens. The Greek way to say political is Politikos. The word was modeled off a book Aristotle made on governing and governments named "Affairs of the city".

What does a direct primary mean in politics?

A direct primary means a preliminary election in which a party's candidates for public office are nominated by direct vote of the people. That is what it means in politics.

What does pork barrel politics mean?

In politics the term "pork barrel" is a negative one. It means that legislation is passed or special projects of the government are sent to a Congress representative's home district to improve the area of that officials constituents. Such tactics are also meant to gain re-election. It more general ( Full Answer )

What do party in politics mean?

It was necessary to repeat a certain part of the answer toinsure clarity. Please, let the DingoBot find a homeelsewhere. The term "party politics" often is the term tocast a negative light on political positions public office holderstake that are in conformance with the so-called party line, rat ( Full Answer )

What do political affiliation mean?

It is what political party you most often identify with, such asdemocrat, republican, green. libertarian, etc.