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Hello bud, I think and lead to believe that IAT sensors are fitted near the air flow box area? on all or most vehicles,and it will be fitted with a jack plug,,but you probally know that? Yours Richard.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-12 18:25:14
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Q: What does the IAT sensor look like on a 2005 Dodge Magnum with a 3.5 L V6?
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What does the 2005 dodge magnum engine light look like?

A small will be in the farthest left gauge.

How do you remove a Cd stuck in 2005 dodge magnum?

This happen to me.. and the answer is quite simple. Take to butter knives and insert them into the c/d slot opening like clamp the disk and pull out..

Why did dodge stop making the magnum?

I don't really know the answer to this question but the Dodge Magnum was a good car. I believe it was discontinued. The same thing happened to other Dodge vechicles like: Neon Stealth Intrepid Spirit Stratus Lebaron Dakota Nitro Sundance Shadow Volare Dart Avenger Charger and Challenger.

What does the engine compartment look like on 2007 dodge magnum?

There is not one. Have to order it from dealer and install it

What does the piston sensor on 2001 dodge ram 4X4 look like?

There is no such part as a piston sensor.

What does a MAP Sensor for a 2000 dodge look like?

The sensor will be round and about the size of a silver dollar. The sensor can be found beneath the passenger side dashboard.

You would like to locate cam shaft sensor and crankshaft sensor for 1991 dodge caravan 3.0?

Crank sensor is in the top of the transmission housing at the back of the engine. Cam position sensor is in the distributor.

What does an 2005 dodge charger look like?

The Charger did not return until 2006.

What does a crankshaft sensor on a 1997 dodge intrepid look like?

looks similar to the camshaft sensor, but it's located in the bell housing on the transmission on passenger side.

Where are explanation of codes for my 2005 Dodge Caravan?

condensation undercarriage looks like leak

Would like the firing order diagram for an 05 dodge magnum 2.7 liter?

Firing order is 1-2-3-4-5-6

Why My 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.9 won't idle Why?

Sounds like the Throttle Position Sensor.

2005 Chevrolet Silverado pick up outside temp sensor?

The outside temperature sensor on the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado pickup is located in the top of the dash next to the windshield. Look for an area that looks like a speaker but is shaped like a triangle.

Where is oil filter located on a 2005 dodge magnum?

On a v6 it is located on the passenger side of the motor near the front on the bottom. be sure that the washer on the oil filter comes off with the filter, or there could be an oily mess. For some reason these washers like to stick. Not sure about v8 location

What the inside of a 357 magnum revolver airsoft gun looks like?

what does a .357 magnum revolver looks like?

How do Replace cam sensor 2001 dodge ram?

remove the distributor cap and pull the thin disc like cam sensor over the shaft of the distributor then replace it with the new one.

Where is bank 1 sensor 1 on the dodge 4.7?

o2 sensors are numbered like this: bank 1 is on the side with cylinder #1. bank 2 is the other side. sensor 1 is before the catalytic converter, sensor 2 is after.

How do you change the sensor on the Dodge Grand Caravan gas tank?

the tank on a grand caravan is like a town and country like i had you have to take the straps loose on the tank , and drop the tank down about a foot the sensor is on top of tank near the gauge

Where is the speed sensor for a Honda Pilot 2005 located?

I like to know how many vehicle speed sensors there in 2005 honda pilot and where are they located? thanks, chad

Can a throttle body from an 89 Dodge 318 engine be used on a 77 Dodge 360 block?

No. Parts from a Magnum don't fit the earler engines, and how are you going to run fuel injection without all the other parts from the later van, like the computer?

Is there a sun sensor for automatic headlights for 2005 mercury marquis?

That's how they work! There's a sensor on the front part of your dashboard. It'll look like a little black bump.

Why does the check engine sensor 2005 dodge grand caravan come on periodically and then go off?

It is sometimes related to the gas cap not being tight. Or it may be cheap gas, or due to fueling up in high humidity. Usually tightening the cap fixes our problem like this.

How do you remove the cam shaft positioning sensor in a 2005 Ford F250 6.0 diesel?

I think the bolt is a 10mm then pull it out. Have not had many problems with the 6.0 cam sensor like the 7.3L

Where is the Camshaft position sensor on 1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9L?

It is inside the distributor, it has three wires running to it, and it looks like a small black plate.

What is the light that looks like a lighting bolt in a 2005 dodge 1500 hemi?

That indicates a malfunction with the electronic throttle system.