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The Police Protective Fund encompasses a number of different programs that aid law-enforcement workers in various way. One of their most important programs is their "Line-of-Duty Death Benefit." Enrollment in this program is absolutely free to any and all law-enforcement officers, and provides a $10,000 benefit to the beneficiaries of officers killed in the line of duty. In 2006, Police Protective Fund raised $5,938,902 in donations yet awarded only $37,000 in death benefits. In 2007, Police Protective Fund raised $6,881,915 in donations yet awarded $50,000 in death benefits. Most of the money raised goes towards their fundraising expenses.

Many law agencies use telemarketing firms to solicit funds for such programs as a legal defense funds for police officers, or "Backstoppers" which is an organization that aids widows and children of officers slain or permanently injured in the line of duty. When a person is contacted over the phone or at their door by an agency they should refuse to give money or information until they have made certain of legitimacy of the solicitor. Never give out credit card or bank account information or allow anyone to enter your home that you do not have previous knowledge of. When in doubt call your local police department for assistance.

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Q: What does the Police Protective Fund do and why do they call your home if you did not sign up?
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