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What does the air compressor for the air ride suspension on a 1992 Lincoln Town Car look like?


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That airpump in in or around the carb or fuel injection housing. It is a very costly pump one of the reason no one seems to want to replace it. It is just a small pump about the size of a half dollar. I am not a mech but have had one replaced before On a 91 town car it sets under the air cleaner housing. It along with the windshield fluid container must be removed.


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I need help with 1998 Lincoln mk8 air ride compressor not kick in?

Your 1992 Lincoln Town Car takes 2.5 pounds of R-12 refrigerant or 2.75 pounds R-134 (if system converted)

air suspension switch in trunk. compressor under hood

the air bag compressor is under the hood on the front driver side usually under the air filter box

Likely your system has a leak and the compressor can't keep up with the volume of the leak. <><><> Agree. The air bags in the suspension of ours had developed small holes, and the compressor could not keep up. Get that fixed before the compressor burns out.

no the towncars only have rear airbags all years

Sounds like you might be running into the same problem I had with my 93 town car suspension. You might want to save some time and money and do what I did...check out the air suspension conversion kits at Those guys really helped me out. Justin

the compressor is on the left side of the engine compartment (drivers side) front under air filter box

I'm not sure why you would want to disable this.. There is an on and off switch in the trunk on the passenger side. In the off position the air compressor will not operate.

The compressor is located in a compartment in the left front wheel hub. To access it you have to remove the air cleaner and the washer fluid reservior.

locate compressor on left inner fender under air filter box which will need to be removed unplug wire at compressor there are three nuts holding the compressor in. You get at them from under the car. lift out old compressor.

the compressor is located under windshield washer tank and airfilter box both need to be removed. then unplug wire at compressor, there are three nuts 10mm holding the compressor in you get at them from under car.

the air suspension stopped working on my 1994 lincoln

You can troubleshoot the rear air suspension of your 1990 Lincoln Town Car with a diagnostic tester. Most Lincoln dealerships have diagnostic testers.

check the air lines, there can be holes or cracks in the bags or the compressor is not working

A possible cause for this is that air suspension pump is continully working due to a leaking air bag

it is under the is under the air filter. if you remove the air filter box you will see a black box under that is where it is

the commpressor is located under the air filter on left front side. Just turn the suspension switch in the trunk off

Where is the ABS Computer Module located on a 1992 Lincoln Town Car

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