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A back bridge exercise is done to help strengthen the back muscles. It can also help tone the muscles in your stomach.

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Q: What does the back bridge exercise do?
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Can the back bridge exercise be done by keeping your butt in the air for a minute?

It is hard to do the back exercise by keeping your butt in air for a minute.

What kinds of streaches can you do to relieave back pain?

that Brigde exercise, where you pretend to be a bridge, that really helps, only if your flexible though.

What is an example of resistance exercise?

Plank (AKA Bridge)

What is the primary muscle for the side bridge?

The side bridge is an exercise that influences every muscle that the oblique's touch. The primary muscles for the side bridge are the abdominal muscles.

What is the difference between a suspension bridge and a bridge?

a suspension bridge can sway back and forth where a regular bridge can also be a lift bridge or a drawbridge.

What is a bridge in gymnastics?

a bridge is when your back is arched, tummy up, and hands and feet on floor. also called a back bend, the bridge is the most simple of skills in gymnastics.

How can you use an exercise ball to improve your abs?

i have had an exercise ball for a long time now and i really like it. an exercise ball conforms to your back, allowing you to exercise and flatten your abs without straining your back.

What are the requirements for a level 5 gymnast?

A front handspring vault, a kip on the uneven bars, a squat on on the uneven bars, a cartwheel on the balance beam, straddle jump on the floor exercise, a dive roll on the floor exercise, a front handspring on the floor exercise, a back extension roll on the floor exercise, a full turn on the floor exercise, a back walkover on the floor exercise, a round-off back handspring back handspring on the floor exercise.

What is it called when you do a bridge get close to your hands and feet then roll over?

high bridge into back arch.

How does a suspension bridge work?

Imagine two 900 triangles back to back with their bases horizontal making a straight line. The bases are half of the bridge; one of the two sides is supporting the weight of the bridge the other is anchored to a solid point. The weight of the bridge is pulling the apexes of the two back to back triangles downwards; these two vertical sides of the triangles are the supporting column at one end of the bridge. Now imagine a mirror image of what I have described and you will see a suspension bridge.

What is back extensions in exercise?

to excercise your muscles

How is flexibility improved?

Exercise and do back bends

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