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What does the crankshaft position sensor on a 98 SL1 Saturn 1.9 SOHC look like?


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2006-02-06 05:17:14
2006-02-06 05:17:14

Its under the intake manifold on the back of the engine. you may want to consider getting a haynes repair manual.


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if its sohc it doesnt have , if its dohc its behind the lower damper i think

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ON the SOHC models the Crankshaft position sensor is located on the front of the oil pan, The DOHC is located behind the engine, the transmission and the flywheel must be removed to the sensor on the DOHC models

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passenger side of to the teeth on the crankshaft sprocket facing rear.

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There is no mass air flow sensor on the Saturn S-series.

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NO you can replace it without I't's just a 10 mm head bolt but you will need pliers or a screwdriver to "help" the sensor out The "O" ring will be tight

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