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What does the crx transmission schematic look like?

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schematic????? what are you talking about? are you looking for a service manual?????

2009-07-10 04:19:29
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Will a 1989 crx dx transmission interchange with a 1991 crx hf?


How do you fill up the transmission on a Honda CRX?

To fill the transmission on the Honda CRX, first use a 19 mm wrench to remove the fill plug on the side of the transmission. Then, fill the reservoir at the side of the transmission.

Can you get an automatic transmission for a 89 crx si?

All CRX Si came with manual transmissions.

Is a Honda CRX si a manual car?

YES only the CRX DX was available with Automatic Transmission

Any manual transmission for crx fit in mi crx d15b2?

L3 si tranny is best

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1986 Honda CRX?

On my 1984 CRX the dipstick is underneath the battery. I had to take the battery out to check it.

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 1991 Honda CRX?

There 's none.

Where's the speed sensor for 1988 crx?

It is a gear that plugs into the transmission. There is a cable coming from the firewall that goes to the transmission.

Is a 1986 Acura Integra manual transmission interchangeable with a 1987 Honda CRX manual transmission?

no. different motor series. but the motor and transmission is

What fluid is used for 88 Honda CRX manule transmission?


Where is the transmission filter on a 89 Honda CRX d15b2?

twowrds the front of the tranny

What kind of transmission fluid to use on a 1989 Honda CRX si?

If its a 89 Honda CRX si wih manual transmission, use genuine Honda MTF. You can purchase it at any Honda or Acura dealer near you.

In a Honda CRX with Manuel transmission what gear is the best gear to drive in?

depends on your speed

94 civic transmission fit a 89 crx?

If the 94 civic had a d series motor then... Yes & no. The 89 CRX as with all crx's have a cable transmission. The 92 & up civics have hydrollic transmissions. So the transmission will fit if it was from a d series motor, but you will have to buy a hydrollic conversion kit from hasport or other swap company.

Where is the reverse sensor on a Honda CRX B16A motor?

on the transmission on top yellow and green wires poop

Where is the starter motor on a 1987 Honda CRX 1500?

passenger side rear of engine above transmission

Can the transmission from a 91 crx hf be replaced with one from a 89 crx dx If so what else would have to be changed?

The trans from a 89 CRX DF should bolt right in to the 91 CRX HF. The only problem is if it is a 1988 transmission, then you would need a different clutch disk and possibly a new pressure plate too. All flywheels, mounts and axels for these years fit all the transmissions for these years. They do not interchange, but they all bolt up to your trany the same. The CRX EF has a special low-reving engine and a special wide ratio transmission to get you 50 MPG. With a higer geared trany, your MPG will drop. No one knows how much. But it will bolt right it.

Where is the starter located on a 1990 Honda CRX? has manuals u can download with the info u needNon-spamPassenger side. Look down where the transmission meets the motor. You'll see what looks like a green beer can on its side. That's the starter.

What does the speed sensor on the 1990 crx si?

The speed sensor is what sends signals to the speedometer to display how fast a car is traveling. To find it on a 1990 Honda Crx Si it will be mounted on top of the transmission housing.

Will a 1990 CRX 5 speed transmission interchange with a 1988 Honda civic 5 speed transmission?

yes they are the same transmission, does not matter if the engine is a d15 1.5 liter or a d16 1.6 liter

Does anyone know where you can buy a Honda CRX model car?

Get on graigslist in your area and look under automobiles/trucks. Be sure to look under owners and type in crx in search box. Example craigslist houston.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1991 Honda CR-V take?

== == Honda didn't make a CR-V in 1991, so I'll assume it's a typo and you meant a 1991 CRX. In any case, it also depends on whether it's automatic or manual transmission. Regardless of whether it's a CR-V or CRX, here's the guidelines on fluid recommendations: Manual transmission: Honda Manual Transmission Fluid is preferred. Alternate substitutes are 10W30 or 10W40 motor oil. If you have a CRX, it'll take 1.9 quarts of fluid. If a CRV (1997-2002), you'll need 1.8 quarts. Automatic transmission: Honda ATF-Z1 Automatic Transmission Fluid.. If you have a CRX, it'll take 2.5 quarts. If a CRV (1997-2002), it takes 3.0 quarts.

What does CRX stand for on a Honda CRX Si?

Civic Racing eXperiment = CRX

Can you put a 87 Honda CRX si transmission in a 89 acura integra?

I believe the crx si came with a d series engine, unless it was a jdm crx. basically if your crx has a single over head cam motor ( SOHC ) then it is D series which means no your crx tranny can not bolt up to an integra. Since integras are all B series engines or Dual over head cam ( DOHC ) usuall the b18a1 or b1 unless gsr .

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1990 Honda CRX?

under battery on trans if it's a manual trans, there isn't one.