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What does the fire department use air support for?

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* Spotters and observers are used to observe a wildfire, weather conditions, and ground operations and to direct ground forces to the main body of a fire without endangering peoples' lives. * Aircraft are generally employed by the Forest Service and a few community fire departments to aid in controlling and extinguishing forest and wild fires using water or fire retardant chemicals. * Airplanes can be used to drop smokejumpers or equipment near remote fires. * Helicopters can be used to rappel or ferry firefighters, equipment or supplies to or from difficult or remote terrain, or to rescue victims. * In urban fire departments, "air support" can refer to the equipment and supplies used to replenish the air tanks used by firefighters for breathing or for operating other equipment such as pneumatic jacks or air tools.

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What style of leadership does the fire department use?

The fire department uses a paramilitary style of leadership.

Who is responsible for damages to your property by fire department while putting out a fire next door?

Insurance. A fire department can use any means necessary to extinguish a fire. If a property is damaged, chances are it was to prevent the fire from spreading.

How do you put out a forest fire by yourself?

Use your cell phone to place a call to the fire department.

How do you use the word department in a sentence?

The art department is on fire.The Department of Internal Affairs is dealing with the matter.Step aside, this is my department.

How do you beat DUNA?

Use air types.Do not use fire.

What fuel do hot air balloons use?

Fire and, well, hot air.

Do all ovens use fire?

Most ovens do not use fire, they simply heat up the air with electricity.

Do they use fire with hot air balloons?


What do you use for green gas in air soft guns?

you use green gas to fire the air soft gun

Why do you use foam to put out a fire?

The foam cuts the connection of fire with air (oxygen) & thus puts out fire.

Is water the best way to put out a chemical fire?

A chemical's Material Safety Data Sheet will tell you what to use to extinguish a fire. If the fire department responds to your chemical fire, they will probably use a special non-reactive foam to put the fire out.

How would one use a fire extinguuisher?

As a sea captain I know this one. Aim your fire extinguisher at the base of the flame. This will cool and choke off air to the fire. If the fire is an electrical fire you should first cut off the exectrical power. Then use the fire extinguisher. If the fire is an oil fire keep in mind that it can reflash. Try to use a foam fire extinguisher to choke off the air.

How do you put out the fire from the electrical fire?

Shut off the electrical power, and use a fire extinguisher that has a class C rating. It is also a really good idea to call the fire department.

What do you do when your house catches on fire in sims 3?

Click on the fire and select the "Extinguish Fire" option. If the fire does not go out, have your Sim call the fire department, but continue to use the extinguisher to contain the fire until a firefighter arrives.

How do use blaze in a sentence?

The fire BLAZEd high in the air.

Ways the fire department can put out a fire?

for the most part fire departments will use water. But a more modern way of putting out structure fires is to use foam. Fire departments prefer to use foam because it lessens the surface tension of water allowing it to penetrate deeper into material therefor extinguishing the fire faster. In addition to foam departments use CAFS which is compressed air foam system which can make the tank of water last much longer and also make hose lines much lighter.

What types of trucks do they have at a fire station?

Various types of fire trucks, which will vary by department and what kind of environment they operate in. A more rural fire department might have trucks with internal water storage, whereas an urban fire department can rely on the availability of fire hydrants. A city fire department would be more prone to having hook-and-ladder trucks in order to reach tall buildings, whereas this wouldn't be as much of an issue for a more rural fire department. Brush trucks would be more commonplace in a rural or small town fire department, what these are will also be dependent on the fire department and what they deal with. For a fire department which might deal with vacant lot fires, but not major forest fires, it may simply be a modified 4x4 pickup, whereas other departments may use demilitarised tactical trucks and tracked vehicles. Some departments will have ambulances as their stations, since EMS is normally part of Fire and Rescue for that town, city, or county.

What type of extinguisher do you use on a Class A fire?

air pressured water

What do fire men use in a fire?

Depending on the type of fire there are different option. Water, CAFS(Compressed Air Foam System) or a variety of fire extinguishers

What does a blacksmith use to ensure adequate supply of air to his fireplace?

By using bellows to feed air into the fire

What was the purpose of air support?

air support is where people in the army, marines ect. use for help in the sky to drope a bomb or need help to know were someone is.

What is a cascade fire engine?

A cascade system is used to fill the air tanks that firefighters use inside a fire.

What fire dragon do you use to make an air dragon in DragonVale?

A normal fire dragon bread with a water dragon

Where is the world's first fire department?

"I Believe that the worlds first known fire department was in Boston, although there is a fight between Boston and New York on who was first." i think you may be talking about the first fire department in the USA. The worlds first fire department/service was in Ancient Rome where they had groups of slaves organised into teams. Their sole purpose was to walk the streets looking for fires. if the had to fight one they would use fabric buckets and pull down buildings.

Step down method and reciprocal method?

Both step-down method and reciprocal method belongs to the allocation metods which can be used to allocate support department costs to opertating department. (Now, I wanna tell you the three allocation methods are direct method, step-down method and reciprocal method.) First of all, the step-down method allocates some (but not all) support department costs to other support departments. Secondly, the first support department's costs are allocated to all operating and support departments that use its services. Then, each subsequent support department's costs are allocated to all operating and support departments that use its services, except any support department whose costs were already allocated. What's more, allocation order must be determined. For reciprocal method, first and foremost, the reciprocal method allocates all support department costs to other support departments. Secondly, the first step is to compute the total costs of each support department when its usage of other support department services is taken into consideration. In addition, support department costs are then allocated to all other operating and support departments that consume its services. I hope my answer can help your work. If I have some grammar mistakes, please point out, coz I am a Chinese adolescent. Thank you very much.