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At 17 you are still a minor and your parents responsibility and they are financially obligated to support you. What your state can provide depends on where you live but this what some of our contributers wrote:

You can call the Salvation Army, Planned Parenthood, United Way, in your area. All will counsel you in your options. There are state agencies that will give you assistance in finding a place to live, medical care, and your other needs. Call the Health Services of your city or county.

You can get WIC, food Stamps and any other kind of government assistance you need. You might be able to, since you are a struggling mother, to get an apartment at your age as long as your working and can pay rent.

Contact the Department of Family Services (sometimes referred to as state social services, DFCS, etc.) in your city or county of residence.They will make an appointment with you to apply for medicaid, assistance in finding living facilities, WWIC, and other applicable aid. State and nonprofit agencies often work jointly to supply cash grants, assist the mother in finishing high school and/or furthering her education, find gainful employment, parenting classes, subsidized child care and so forth.

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Q: What does the government do for you if you are 17 and pregnant and have no place to go?
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