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Korean: There are 2 Chinese characters for the surname Kong. One of these is borne by only one clan, the other by 2 clans. One of the Kong clans claims Confucius as its ancestor, the 53rd ancestor of Confucius having migrated from his home in China to Koryo and settled in Ch'angwon, where his grave can still be seen today. The other 2 Kong clans, the Kimhae Kong and the Munch on Kong clans both sprang from descendants of a famous T'ang Chinese scholar, Kong Yun-po. A man named Kong Myong-nye founded the Kimhae Kong clan when he was exciled to Kimhae during the reign of Choson King Songjong in the latter half of the 15th century. The founder of the Munch on Kong clan, Kong Chin-on was banished to Munchon in Hamgyong province during the reign of Choson King Sejong during the first half of the 15th century. Chine: Cheng tang was the first king of the Shang synasty, founded in 1766 ac. Although now known as Cheng Tang, his surname was Zi, and he had a "style name" (given around age 20)of Tai Yi. Later, descendants of his combined character of Zi with the character for Yi, creating the character of Kong and adopted the latter as their surname. The Con in "Confucius" represent this surname: Chinese: variant of Jiang Chinese: variant of Gong Cambodian: unexplained Danish: nickname from Danish kong "king", or occupational nickname for someone in the serve of the king.

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Q: What does the name Kong mean and where did it come from?
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