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What does the wrench mean on your Honda Accord?

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If a wrench lights up on your dash it means there is a problem with the engine.

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What does the wrench light mean in 2007 Honda accord?

Oil change

What does the wrench warning light on a Honda Accord mean?

It means you engine needs attention.

What does the wrench light mean on a honda accord?

I means change the oil or rest the oil % indicator.

What does a wrench light mean on Honda Accord?

The wrench light in a Honda Accord means that the vehicle needs maintenance soon. It usually means that you are over your recommended mileage interval for service and that it is time for an oil change and other similar maintenance procedures.

How do you remove a Honda Accord window?

Break the window with an iron wrench.

What does a wrench light mean on 2012 Honda Accord?

It means there is scheduled maintenance required. Your owners manual will tell you what is needed.

What size wrench for oil drain plug to 1995 Honda Accord?

17 mm socket or boxed in wrench.

What size wrench is needed to remove the brake caliper bolts on a 1991 Honda Accord?

use an Allen wrench not a socket or open or box wrench.

How do you remove wiper arm on a 2000 Honda accord?

Use a 14mm box wrench.

How do you loosen a clutch bleeder screw on a 1999 Honda Accord?

With a boxed end wrench or socket, never with an open end wrench.

What size wrench to unscrew 1994 Honda accord lx oil drain plug?


What is the wrench indicator on the dashboard of a Honda accord mean?

idk accords that well, but more then likely its a maintenance issue!! Oil change is probably the main factor.

What size wrench to remove rotor 2000 Honda Accord?

It's probably a 32 or 36mm impact socket a wrench probably won't work.

What does it mean when th maintenance require goes on your 2000 Honda Accord?

Where does freon goes in a 2003 Honda accord

What does a wrench icon indicate on a Honda accord instrument cluster?

Your engine is asking for help -you've been neglecting it.

What does it mean when wrench light comes on your 09 Honda Accord?

Maintenance required. Can mean it needs an oil/filter change or can mean something else. Refer to your owners manual scheduled maintenance guide to see what is needed.

What mean p2159 vtec system malfunction Honda Accord 2003?

what u mean p2159 code torbul vtec system malfunction Honda accord 2003

How do you break loose the crankshaft pulley bolt on a 1997 Honda Accord?

Impact wrench. It's the ONLY thing that works.

What do code p1146 mean on a 99 Honda Accord mean?

This is not a legit Honda Code. Have it checked by a Honda dealer to retrieve the correct code.

What does service code 7 mean on a Honda accord?

There are only 6 service codes for the Honda Accord. Never heard of service code 7.

What does code PO730D mean on Honda Accord?

02 sensor

1997 Honda Accord?

Yes, it is a 1997 Honda Accord.

2006 Honda accord?

Okay, you have a 2006 Honda Accord.

Where is the Honda accord o2 sensor?

its a 2006 Honda accord

1985 Honda Accord?

It is a Honda Accord that was manufactured in 1985