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One of two things can cause this clicking without a response from the starter, 1 the contacts inside the solenoid are burned or dirty and 2 the starter itself is faulty. The starter solenoid is mounted on the starter. I would assume that this is where the click is coming from there are two large terminals on this solenoid. One is the Battery power direct from the battery and the second is the output to the starter motor. The solenoid is basicaly and electromagnetic switch or relay that makes contact between that battery and the starter when you turn the key. Take a piece of heavy duty wire or a screwdriver and bridge the two bolts on the solenoid where the terminals are afixed , if the starter then turns you can be sure that the solenoid is faulty If the stater does not turn when bridging these two points then you can be sure that there is a fault in the starter motor Hope this is of help

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When you turn the key on your 1999 Dodge Durango you get nothing Have replaced the starter Battery and wires good What could be the problem?

Sounds like the ignition switch.


Can be a dead battery, defective starter, loose or corroded battery connection, or blown main fuse. If nothing comes on when you turn on the ignition switch and your interior lights are not working it is not the starter.

Why would nothing happen when the key is turned on a 1991 Chevy Blazer?

Probably ignition switch. Have it checked out.

What will run the battery down on an F150 2002 model when nothing is turned on in vehicle?

If you are 100% sure nothing is on pulling power from the battery and it will not hold a charge then the battery has a dead cell and must be replaced.

When key is turned nothing happened and battery is good?

Defective ignition switch, or bad starter.

Reset a chrysler pacifica key fob?

nothing works and I replaced the battery. to the fob

Battery good but no power at all no lights radio or nothing Will not start?

Probably a bad ignition switch or ignition lock cylinder. Good Luck!!

When you turn the key to the start position nothing happens shorting across the solenoid points works previously replaced to no avail?

with a fully charged battery and clean connections to the starter and battery check fuses first and if good, replace ignition switch under steering column

Why when you turn the ignition key nothing happens?

It could be a bad battery, or connection. A bad starter and or solenoid could be the problem, along with an ignition switch to name a few.

1999oldsmobile intrigue 38 lit Brand new starter installed had it checked gears line up with flywheel engine turns over manually checked all connections checked battery starter clicks once and nothing?

Bad starter solenoid? Loose or corroded battery terminals? Weak battery? Bad neutral switch?

Where to get a skagen watch battery replaced?

The same places that would replace any other watch battery. Nothing that special about a Skagen watch from that perspective.

What happens when 17Ah battery replaced with 18Ah battery?

Nothing, as long as they're both the same voltage. The 18 Ah battery has just slightly more power. It will work perfectly.

What is wrong with a 1991 Dodge stealth with SOHC that will not turn over replaced stater ignition switch ignition relay Still won't turn over nothing but clicking?

Did you try checking or replacing the battery? Usually clicking when trying to start means dirty battery terminals or a dead battery. That's the first thing to check, before ignition switches, ignition relays, and starters; auto parts stores will check it for free. If it's dirty or corroded terminals, clean them up and try starting again. If it's dead and old, just replace it. It it's a new battery and it's dead, check your charging system (alternator, fuses, belts, etc).

WE have a 1999 Seville with a new battery It clicks when ignition is turned then nothing and it can not be jumped-why?

Check for bad connections or fusable link

Does a weak battery voltage affect the voltage output of the ignition coil?

Ignition Coil Output Voltage versus a Weak BatteryYes, an ignition coil is nothing more than a dedicated, specialized transformer. As such, the lower the voltage in the primary winding, then the lower the voltage induced in the secondary [output] winding.

What could cause a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee battery to drain overnight when nothing obvious left on?

bad ignition switch, bad battery, bad alternator/regulator,

When you turn the key you get nothing cleaned terminals no help?

Dead battery, defective ignition switch, blown main fuse, loose or corroded battery cable at either end.

Why would your ford aerostar start 2 times then not for a few hours Full battery power lights bright no dimming when turning key replaced relay started 1 time then nothing?

Bad starter? Bad neutral switch? ignition switch?

What causes a Toyota Lite Ace Van to have no power when the battery was replaced and the fuses have been checked and still nothing electrical is working?

the wiring or the fuse panel itself... time to break out the multimeter probably ignition switch Everyone should have a manual, and the library should have a professional shop manual available for copies in the reference section (FOR FREE) up and fix 'em like the pro's...! :) Dave

97 Saturn SC2 Car will not start no noise nothing comes on?

have u checked ur battery battery, either its dead, connections are corroded or mice ate their way through

1995 Dakota won't start battery good starter good will push start can arch the strater and will start and run replaced ignition switch still nothing?

might be starter relay, or the crank circuitry from the switch or to the starter from the relay. I would trace back from the starter to the starter relay back through the neutral safety switch to the ignition switch.

How do you repair a stripped side post in a car battery?

If the post has actually come out or is loose and wiggles there is generally nothing possible that can be done to repair it, the entire battery will need to be replaced.

My fingers slipped of the key when I tried to start it and now theres no power to the the ignition I changed the starter battery and the ignition switch and still nothing What could it be?

u might have broke something the actual ignition lock cylinder, that would be my guess from the sounds of it.

What causes a 2003 Ford f-150 ignition will turn the engine but will not start?

The battery & the starter turn the engine via the flywheel, but has nothing to do with wether or not ignition itself is functional. Verify is firing.

1995 Cadillac 74000 miles new battery 9 days later will not start turned the key nothing happened took battery out checked the battery it is good What might be wrong?

Make sure that car has gas in it. Then check if the starter.