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* high amounts of aspirin (salicylates), * omega-3 fatty acids,

* foods with natural antibiotic properties * vitamin E supplements Produce:Avocados, Cauliflower, Onions, Garlic,

Fish:Salmon, Bluefish, Arctic char, Mackerel, Swordfish

Be AWARE: Foods that contain lots of vitamin K such as kale brussel sprouts, spinach and broccoli cause clotting, not thinning and should be eaten in small doses.

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Q: What foods can make your blood thin?
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What foods thin the blood?

Oranges contain natural aspirin and aspirin thins the blood.

What foods can cause your blood to thicken up if it is to thin?

fats and sweets

Does thin blood make you cold?


Does ice make your blood thin?


Does vitamin K make your blood thick or thin when on blood thinners?


Does vitamins make your blood thick or thin?

It doesn't make it thick or thin it make it clean, healthy, strong and well circulating.

What effect does food have on blood clotting time?

Some foods have thinning chemicals in them and it takes longer to thicken the blood. Some foods like salt will slow down the thinning process. Things like beer will thin blood and make it harder to clot. fruits and vegetables will help to keep blood flowing normally.

Do lemons make your blood thin?

no! it makes it taste good!

Does having thin blood make one tired?


Do antibiotics thin the blood?

do antibiotics thin blood

Does gabapentin thin your blood?

can gabapentin thin your blood

List of foods that thin the blood?

There are essentially only two "foods" that "thin" the blood: water and alcohol. The problem is that drinking enough of either to the point that the blood actually begins to thin will result in toxicity.Here's the problem, blood that is inundated to the point that it actually becomes less viscous cannot do what it is intended to do. Water toxicity or alcohol poisoning are both very serious conditions, and both lead to death.Now, that being said, it is understood what you meant here. More properly you are likely looking for foods that reduce the clotting factor of blood. Some of these foods that do promote anti-coagulation are:GingerGarlicVitamin EFish Oil

What should you eat to thin your blood?

Im not sure of any foods that contain blood thinning properties. But, if you drink more water that will thin your blood to an extent. You should speak to your doctor about prescriptions that have blood thinning properties. I know Coumadin is used as a blood thinner for patients with high blood pressure.

Does percocet thin blood?

if you are taking percocet can it thin your blood?

Does Coenzyme Q10 thin blood?

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Will norco thin your blood?

Will taking Norco thin your blood?

Does beer thin your blood?

Yes, any alcohol will thin your blood.

What foods make blood pressure go up fast?

Foods that are high in sodium will increase blood pressure quickly.

Why are the walls of the small intestine thin?

Because most of the water and food molecules need to be absorbed into the blood. Thin walls make it easier to absorb these elements into the blood.

Does cocaine thin your blood?

It does not thin your blood, But like most stimulants it constricts your blood vessels.

Does tramadol make you bleed more when getting a tattoo?

It does not thin your blood so no

Can too thin of blood cause headache?

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Can thin blood cause tiredness?

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Does thin blood make you feel cold?

Cold hands and feet usually are symptoms of a blood vessel disorder. It has nothing to do with the thickness of the blood.

Why do some people take aspirin to make their blood thin?

aspirin has been shown to improve blood flow by thinning blood temporarily

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What foods thin the blood?

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