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bread,biscuits,cheese,sugar == Prior to World War Two, there were very few processed foods. In fact, restaurants of the time served a limited menu of home made foods. Potato chips were generally home made, and Hot Dogs were a commercial venture. The sausage was about the only processed food generally available. Bacon, ham and other pork products were popular due to their availability and relative cheapness. Regional vegetables were generally grown in home gardens and preserved by water bath canning at home. Chickens, goats, and a milk cow could easily have been in the suburban home, as evidenced by the fiction of the era. Because there were family farms, regional delicacies such as Hubbard squash, summer squash, peaches, okra, and tomatoes were available only in certain times of the year. Strawberries were only available in the late spring and apples were available in the fall. Oranges were imported as a Christmas treat. Bananas were unheard of as they were impossible to import. Items such as coffee, tea, sugar, and surprisingly..crackers, were sold in bulk by the pound. In short, women cooked and passed recipes from one to another because EVERYONE ate at home as a matter of course.

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Q: What foods were eaten during World War 1?
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