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* Any food with high levels of saturated fats will get you a bigger butt but to get the look you want the best way is through an exercise. * Since fat does not tend to accumlate in exact areas, but tends to be distributed over specific areas (around the hips and thighs in women), there is no particular food that could give one a bigger butt. In order to increase the size and prominance of the butt, it would be better to perform exercises that specifically target the muscles of the lower body, particularly the gluteus maximus muscles, such as squats and leg kicks. Muscles, unlike fat, can be specifically targeted and developed.

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2009-11-06 17:25:12
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Q: What foods will help you get a bigger butt?
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How can you get a bigger butt and wider hips?

To get a big butt a lot of starch based foods such as bread, especially cornbread, will help.

What foods will give you a bigger butt?

Bread and potatoes.

What common foods help you grow a bigger butt quick?

Ice cream. lots and lots of ice cream

What foods make your breasts butt bigger without makin your tummy bigger?

It is impossible to have such foods. Just eat foods with hormones in them.

What foods do you eat to make your butt hips bigger?


What are some foods you can eat to get a bigger butt?

Your glutes (buttocks) are pure muscles. To get a bigger butt, you have to exercise these muscles. Start by squading.

What foods can make your butt and breasts bigger?

Unfortunately, there are no foods that will help you get bigger breasts and butt. Your body's build is determined by genetics and you can not change that. It is unlikely that your breast size will be increased to any real degree by anything except breast augmentation surgery. You may, however, be able to increase the size of your butt through regular exercise targetted to that area. For exercises that will help tone and shape the butt visit the Related Links.

Where can i find pills to make your butt bigger?

There are no pills to make your butt bigger. If you want you butt bigger, eat McDonald's.

Does ice cream help your butt?

If you'd like a bigger butt, ice cream will help you with that goal.

How do you make your butt bigger without having surgery?

Healtier Foods and Certain exercises.

A list of foods that can make your butt bigger?

i only know of one food to make your butt bigger....corn bread. Not to be racist or anything but a black lady told me that once.

Does whole grain make your butt bigger?

it has alimilaria in it which is proven to help the tissue in your butt expand

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