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I have 1994 Mitsubishi eclipse and have no spark i change cam and crank sensor but still no have spark can be icu

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Q: What fuse controls the tcu in a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
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Where is the fuse for radio display in a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse?

The fuse that controls this is the same as the cigarette lighter fuse (15 Amp)

What fuse controls the wiper motor in a 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

passenger compartment fuse box #7 it is 20A fuse. center column, 3rd from the top.

How do you know which fuse controls your radiator fan if you don't have the owner's manual or fuse box cover to your 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Buy a Chiltons Manual

Is there a fuse for the speakers in a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

No, there is not.

Where is ciggarette lighter fuse in a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

in the fuse box

Which fuse is for the clock on the 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

its the same fuse as the lighter.. needs a 15 fuse...

How do you open fuse box in 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

suck it

Where is the fuse to eclipse Mitsubishi 1993?

under the stering wheel

Which fuse in a Mitsubishi Manga controls the interior light?

The fuse that says "room".

Where is the fuse boxes in a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse?

There are sometimes up to three fuse boxes in a vehicle. In the 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse the fuse boxes are located under the driver side dashboard and under the hood of the car.?æ

How do you disarm a 97 Mitsubishi eclipse gs factory alarm?

You can disarm your 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse factory alarm system by removing the alarm fuse. The location of the alarm fuse can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Where is the fuse box in a 2005 Mitsubishi eclipse?

The fuse box on a 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse is on the left hand side of the dashboard, drivers side. There is also another one located in the engine compartment.

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