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loss of vacume used to pop of the lights depending on the model...corvets as well as volkswagons use to use the vacume lines to not only run the lights that popup but keep air in your spare as well! week motors on the head lights can make that happen. also there is a relay that controlls the headlights could be that also. Answer

The gears in the headlight bucket are made of plastic and can or will strip over time, there is a kit that you can replace these gears that are made of brass and will last longer. Also there is a relay on the driver side front inside fender that controls the headlights up and down movement. Answer If there not going up all the time but they come down fine then you may have a bad Isolation relay. My 84 the headlights would not go up but would go down fine if you raised them manually I found that water had gotten in to the isolating relay and destroyed it. You can get a new relay from but there around $40 but you can make one your self for under $10. what I did was take the old one apart then get a relay from radio shack and wire it to mach. if you can solder then it should only take you about 5 min to fix and I can send you a diagram on what you need and what to do. subject fiero headlights

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Q: What goes bad mechanically that causes the headlights not to rise al the time?
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