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What groups were against the Vietnam War in Australia?

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A wide variety of Australians were against Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War, especially young Australians, who were being conscripted to help The USA bolster an unpopular government in Vietnam for strategic reasons.

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What groups in Australia did not support Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war?

the save our sons organizationyouth against conscriptionAustralia comunist party

Who was against who in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam against South Vietnam The USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Why did Australia begin a protest movement against the Vietnam War?

Because they are against war.

What was Robert menzies role in the Vietnam war against Australia?

he was the prime minister of Australia and he sent the troops to Vietnam

Why was the Vietnam war dividing Americans?

because many american were against the vietnam war so there was 2 groups.

What was life after the Vietnam war in Australia?

The Vietnam war was NOT in Australia. It happened in Vietnam. Life in Australia did not change much due to the Vietnam war.

Why did churches oppose Vietnam War in Australia?

cos its against the religion

How did Australia end the Vietnam war?

Australia had nothing to do with the Vietnam War.

Which of these groups formed in Berkeley California as a major organizer of protests against the Vietnam War?

Vietnam Day Committee

What groups within Australia supported Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

The groups within Australia that supported our involvement in the Vietnam war were: * The Returned Service League (RSL) * The Liberal party and Country (now known as National)party and * The older generation

How much did Australia spend on the Vietnam War?

See: Australia Vietnam War

Who fought with America against north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and South Vietnam.

Who did Australia fight against in the Vietnam war?

NVA and VC, same as with the rest of the allies.

Who was in volved in the Vietnam war?

US, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, S. Korea, S. Vietnam against North Vietnam and VC.

How did the Australia and Vietnam war start?

Australia never fought Vietnam.

Why where people so against Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war?

Australia was drafting men too.

What were the main countries invovled in the Vietnam war?

US, Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea, S. Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines against North Vietnam.

First anti Vietnam War protest in Australia?

this was in may 1970 people gathereed in capital cities like sydney it was to go against conscription in Vietnam war

Richard Nixon was for or against the Vietnam war?

Richard Nixon was against the Vietnam War!

How did Australia enter the Vietnam War?

Australia entered the Vietnam War because Australia feared that they would have to face the spread of Communism.

Australia Vietnam war?

Australia sent a regiment of Centurion tanks to Vietnam.

What was the Australian envolvment in the Vietnam war?

Australia was an ally of the US and sent combat troops to assist in the fight against communist forces in Vietnam.

Who were the two counties that fought the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam against South Vietnam allied with US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, and South Korea.

What side did Australia take during the Vietnam war?

Australia provided their superb Centurion medium battle tank to supplement America's Patton tanks against the communist enemy in Vietnam.

How did Australia react to the Vietnam War?

Australia became our ally in the war.