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When you work the muscles gets stronger and healthy.

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Q: What happen to the muscles when it is working?
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What will happen if you your skeletal muscles was to stop working?

you would be paralyzed

What would happen if the muscles in your tongue stopped working?

Then your tongue would not move. You would not be able to feel it.

What happens if your muscles stop working?

If a person's muscles stop working, that person would be totally immobilized. Yes, falling down would definitely happen; but when you hit the ground, you would not be able to do a darn thing about it.

What would happen if the spinal cord stopped working?

You would loose all control of your nerves and muscles. Or die.

When do you not have working muscles?

Never, you always have working muscles. Eg: your core muscles work to keep you standing/upright.

What kind of muscles are working when heart is beating?

involuntary muscles

What may happen if you do not warm up your muscles before exercise?

if you do not stretch before working out you can pull a muscle or cramp up really badly

What is the coordination of muscles?

Coordination of muscles is the muscles working together in sync to move a part of the body.

What happen to the other muscles when one contracts?

the other muscles relax

Why are muscles warm a while after working out?

Muscles are warm while after working out because they contract by the myofilimants pulling together making you stronger

What would happen if a person was working out and there was a lack of oxygen?

If this were to occur, a person would experience a lactic acid build up in their muscles causing pain and fatigue.

Why do red blood cells take oxygen to the working muscles?

Red Blood cells take oxygen to the working muscles as it is required for respiration.

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