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Basically, 4 battleships and 2 destroyers were lost during Pearl Harbor, which critically damaged the US fleet and it's influence in the Pacific.after that, the Japanese quickly took many of the islands owned by the US in the Pacific. 200 military aircraft-most on the ground-were lost during Pearl Harbor. Japan only lost a handful of aircraft. Under Captain Homer N. Wallin, salvage operations began soon after Pearl Harbor, and many of the battleships were fixed and ready for combat. American oil supplies remained intact, along with repair facilities which were never touched, therefore helping the US Navy back onto its feet soon after Peael Harbor. The Japanese also missed a critical objective. Of the 3 carriers based at Pearl Harbor, all of them were out at sea at the time of the attack by pure chance and weren't pursued by the Imperial Japanese Navy after Peal Harbor. That enabled the US fleet to strike back quickly, and with ferocity that cannot be matched to this day.

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Q: What happened after the Pearl Harbor attack?
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