What happened in Pompeii?

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The ruins of Pompeii are world famous. They are located in Italy, southeast of Naples. In 79 AD, the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted and entombed the city in a deep layer of burning hot volcanic ash. Although they lived at the foot of the volcano, the inhabitants ignored the early rumblings and smoke, all of which had happened before. But this time it erupted, spewing out hot deadly ash, not lava, so the people were suffocated and died where they stood, and everything was covered over by a deep layer of hardened ash.

In 1748 the lost city was rediscovered and excavation was started. Visitors can now walk through the streets and houses and see plaster casts of people and dogs, just as they were when they died in their homes. The original bodies were gone after all these years, but the hardened ash had made perfect molds of the bodies, and plaster can be poured into them to create a 'statue' of the person as he died on that day.

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Q: What happened in Pompeii?
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