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Denmark and Norway were occupied by Nazi Germany in 1940 and remained so until liberated in 1945. Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union before Russia and Germany went to war and, although she put up a good fight, was forced to make concessions to the Soviets and had to maintain a careful neutrality for the rest of the war. Even thought Finland "won" the continuation war, peace treaty made Soviet Union winner because Finland was fighting with German

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Q: What happened to Denmark Norway and Finland during World War 2?
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What did the German army occupy during World War 2?

Poland,denmark,Germany,Finland,and Norway

Where is Norse spoken?

Norse is a North Germanic language that was spoken by the people of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. The old Nordic countries were Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland,

Was Scandinavia a neutral country in world war 1?

Scandinavia is not a country. It consists of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. All of whom were neutral during the First World War.

What year did Germany occupy of the Netherlands belgium denmark and Norway?

The Germans occupied the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway during the second world war in 1940.

Where did the vikings sail from during the Middle Ages?

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

From the ninth century onwards people had invaded England from Denmark Norway and Sweden are?

The people that had invaded England from Denmark, Norway and Sweden are called The Vikings. This was during the 9th Century.

Were Denmark Sweden Norway Finland or Poland occupied by Germany in World War 2?

Germany occupied Denmark, Norway and Poland.Although neutral, German troops were allowed across Sweden to Norway in the period after the invasion.Finland was a German ally following the German invasion of Russia in 1941, and German forces were present in Finland on that basis, particularly in the far north.AnswerFinland was allied with Germany but only to get back the land they lost to the Soviet Union during the Winter War, in 1944 Finland made peace with the Soviets and then made war against the Germans to drive them out of their country this is known as the Lapland War. AnswerShort version: Yes, no,yes,no and yes. it was occupied yes it was occupied

What Scandinavian countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Denmark and Norway.

What did Hitler gain by occupying Norway and denmark during ww2?

Ports and food and chemicals for war

What two nations are at war in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

During the play Claudius mentions numerous times that Norway would likely attack Denmark. Before the play, Denmark had taken much land from Norway and Hamlet Sr (Hamlet's father) killed the Norwegian King (Fortinbras' father). Technically though, Norway never attacks Denmark, but the two can be considered to be on the brinks of war. It should be noted Norway does attack and take land from Poland during the play.

The Five-Year Plan between 1947 and 1949?

The Five-Year Plans of Argentina is the state-planning strategy which happened during the first government of Juan Domingo Peron. Its trade agreements reached a number of countries and from 1947 to 1949, they reached Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, and Sweden.

What countries were occupied during World War II?

All I know so far is Denmark, Norway, and Poland

What countries were taken over by Germany during World War 2?

Poland, Holland, Switzerland, France, Norway

What are some countries that ruled Norway?

Norway was in union with Denmark 1319-1814 and with Sweden 1814-1905, and ruled by Germany for a few years during World War II.

What two countries remained neutral during world war 1?

spain, switzerland,netherlands,denmark,sweden and norway

What were the three northern countries that attempted to remain neutral during World War II?

Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Sweden was the only country in Europe, along with Switzerland, that was not taken over by the Nazis. Norway was invaded by Germany, and Finland was invaded by the Soviet Union.

What happened to Danes during World War 2?

Denmark was occupied by Germany during World War 2

Denmark Norway theNetherlands Belgium Luxembourg France?

They are all European countries that Germany had control in during World War II.

What countries made an effort to remain neutral during the war?

Switzerland and Spain, Denmark and Norway were neutral but Hitler brought them into the war

Did Germany occupie Finland?

No, Germany did not occupy Finland. Finland and Germany were brothers in arms during WW2. When Finland was forced to resign to the Soviet Union, one of the demands were that the Finns should throw out the remaining German troops in Finland. The Germans slowly retreated back to Norway in what is called the "Lapland War".

Who were neutral powers during World War 1?

The neutral powers were Albania, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Who were the neutral nations in world war 1?

Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Albania where all neutral during WW1

What countries fought on the western front during World War 1?

United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, and Denmark.

What is the origin of Ragnarok?

It originated in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and the Faroe islands during the time period of the Vikings in the early Middle Ages.

Which side was Finland on during WWII?

Finland was on Finland's side. The Soviets invaded Finland in 1939. Finland allied with Germany for a while to fight the Soviets. The United Kingdom wanted to send help but could not get help through Nazi Norway and neutral Sweden. Finland did not persecute Jews and they refused to bomb Lenningrad.