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What happened to Japanese during the war?

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As with the other warring countries, the women were sent to work in the war producing factories, and the men were "drafted" for military service.

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What happened during the russo-japanese war?

Air Forces did not exist during this part of the 20th century, consequently only naval and ground battles occurred during the Russian/Japanese War.

What happened to the Japanese Ambassador to the US during World War 2?

sent home

What happened to the Japanese people in America during world war 2?

They were placed in concentration camps ; Japanese-American internment .

When was the japanese occupation in singpore?

The Japanese occupation of Singapore lasted from 1942 to 1945. This happened during World War II.

Who was the President of the US during Japanese internment?

This happened during World War II after the Japanese attacked the US base in Hawaii when Franklin Roosevelt was president.

Why was the US involved in the Chinese Civil War?

Much of the Chinese Civil War happened during the Japanese Occcupation during WWII and the US supported both the Nationalists and the Communists in their fight against the Japanese.

What happened during the war?

what happened during the civil war

What other things happened to Japanese and Americans during World War 2?

Many of them had lost their homes.

What happened between the Communists and Kuomintang during World War 2?

Fought each other and Japanese

What happened to Japanese during world war 2?

the first atomic bombs were dropped on hirrashima an naggasaki

When did Russo-Japanese War happen?

Russo-Japanese War happened in 1905.

What was the Japanese mentality during World War 2?

The Japanese had a mentality of 'no surrender' during World War 2 because they had fought for so long during World War I. The idea that the Japanese might not win the war was inconceivable at the time.

What happened during the Liberian civil war 1?

What happened during the Liberia civil war?

What happened to Japanese Americans during world war 2 as a response to war with japan?

They were compelled to enter into internment camps ; the same thing as a concentration camp .

What happened to the Japanese economy after World War I?


What happened on Pearl Harbor day?

During World war 2 the Japanese attacked a place in Hawaii called pearl harbor

What happened to the Japanese during World War 2?

After initial victories, thay got the living snot beat out of them. Michael Montagne

What happened during The Battle of Tarawa?

japanese attcked on

What happened to the president's Manson during the war of 1812?

What happened to the president's Manson during the war of 1812?

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

When did Second Sino-Japanese War happen?

Second Sino-Japanese War happened on 1937-07-07.

What happened to the battle ship The Arizona in World War 2?

It was sunk by the Japanese during the Pearl Harbor attack December 7th 1941

Who held the Japanese during world war 2?

America held the Japanese in camp during WW2

What happened to the Japanese after World War 2?

They re-built.

How were the Japanese in the US affected during the war?

See: Japanese American internment