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As this question is in the "Canada In World War Two" folder, I would imagine the person wants to know about the specifics of the conscrition crisis in Canada, during that war. During WW2, Canada had two types of soldiers, those that "volunteered to fight" and those that "refused to fight" The first group went overseas and fought and represented Canada very well, while the second group sat on their asses in Canada, being paid and fully trained, but refusing to fight. They were called "Zombies" and most were from Quebec. Cowards every one. Even today, Canadian WW2 veterans have very little good to say about the Province of Quebec and the cowards that were the ZOMBIES. Jim Bunting. Toronto.

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Q: What happened to the soldiers that were conscripted but did not go to war?
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If a man was conscripted in World War 1 and did not go to war what happened to him?

If he was British he would be executed

What happened to soldiers that were conscripted but did not go to Vietnam?

Many conscripts went to other bases, Germany, etc. If you are investigating the "draft dodgers" then I think that a general amnesty was granted in the late 1970's. I came to Sweden in 1970 but was not conscripted as some of the Americans who came here then were (There was a lottery and my birth date was way down the list).

What are the disadvantages of conscription?

Conscripted soldiers sometimes have lower morale and less motivation than soldiers who volunteered. Conscription is usually unpopular and can lead to anger, resentment, and an increase in the number of soldiers who go AWOL.

Is there a specific word that means when men and women are forced to go to war?

Traditionally men were conscripted.

What was handed to some men if they didn't go to war?

Conscripted (Drafted) men normally face prison, if they refuse conscription.

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Did Australian soldiers enter the war by choice?

Yes, during WW1 and WW2, there was no conscriprtion (compulsory military service). Soldiers went to war by choice. But in the Vietnam war, conscription was introduce in Australia and the soldiers were forced for the Vietnam war to go and fight.

What happened to the conferderate soldiers at the end of the civil war?

They had to hand in their weapons, take the oath never to make war on the United States again, and then they were allowed to go home without threat of hangings, jailings or persecution.

What types of soldiers were used in ww1?

Well there were many soldiers used in the WW1 but the main ones are volunteers, these are people who volunteer to go for the war, there are conscripts who are soldiers that were meant to be going into the war and lastly there were boy soldiers how were soldiers that younger that the actual age to be a soldier.

What did World War 2 medics do?

Medics in WW2 did the same thing medics did in all of the other wars--they helped the soldiers in the units they were assigned to. Their job was to go into battle with the soldiers and to treat wounds as they happened and to help the wounded soldiers get back from the battlefront. When the soldiers were not in battle, they acted as medical personnel to treat any minor wounds or problems the soldiers might have had.

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Nurses went to war to comfort any soldiers who got shot or hurt during the war.

In the civil war did soldiers get to go home?

Not all soldiers got to go home. some died, some just stayed just to fight, you know.

What happened to US soldiers after the Vietnam war?

haha...they would cheer and go home and spend a normal life with their wives (if they didnt seperate...) or spend time with high respect

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It depends on how you define hurt. Sometimes, soldiers would go into women's homes and rape them. The same thing happened in Vietnam.

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