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The attorney gives you some time to pay, then gets a judgment and uses the other legal options(garnishee wages, attach property, bank accounts).

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Q: What happens after your creditor has sent your account to an attorney?
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Can a collection attorney collect if you sent them a letter to cease and desist and the original creditor sent you an agreement that you agreed to pay?

If you paid according to an agreement and can prove it, the attorney couldbe liable for damages to you for unfair debt collection ro fraud.

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The MT 104 is used to convey customer direct debit instructions and can be:sent by a non-financial institution account owner, or a party authorised by the account owner, to a financial institution to request the direct debit of the debtor's account with the receiver or with another financial institution, and subsequently to credit the creditor's account maintained by the receiver or one of its branches.sent by the creditor's bank, or another financial institution, to the debtor's bank, or another financial institution, on behalf of the creditor/instructing party to order the debit of the debtor's account and to collect payment from this account.sent by a non-financial institution account owner, or a party authorised by the account owner, to a forwarding financial institution to request the direct debit of the debtor's account and subsequently to credit the creditor's account serviced by a financial institution in another country.sent between two financial institutions on behalf of a creditor/instructing party to request the direct debit of the debtor's account in the Receiver's country and subsequently to credit the creditor's account maintained by the Receiver or one of its branches.

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What is the difference between pre-charge off and post-charge off accounts?

A pre-charge off is when the creditor is giving the debtor notice that the account is in default and will be sent to collections if a payment agreement is not made by a specified date. Post-charge off is when the account has been sent to collections, sold to a third party creditor or referred to a legal firm for further action.

Does a Creditor have to notify you if you are being sent to collections?


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What is the difference between 'paid' and 'closed' on a credit report?

The general rule is "paid" means the account has been, well, "paid." Closed means the account has been closed or written off by the original creditor. This could mean they gave it up as being uncollectable or they have sent it to a collection agency or sold it to a third party creditor.

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Information has been sent to your account

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Can an account be sent to collections if you are making monthly payments?

If the payments are not suitable in size to the creditor, then yes. This commonly happens with medical bills. Hospitals and clinics are not required to extend the courtesy of credit to anyone. Payment in full tends to be the policy. If you owe thousands and are only paying a small amount (like 50 every month) they will send it to collections.

What happens when collections are sent to an attorney?

You will receive a letter from the attorney that will probably give you some options. Such as negotiating or reaffirming your payment. Or perhaps a setoff amount for a lump sum. Seldom is the first contact from an attorney a notice they are going to sue. Do not ignore anything from a valid attorney, nor answer it without legal counsel. They can however, simply serve you with a summons that you are being sued.

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What is a letter of remitance?

By definition, a letter of remittance is "a document sent by a customer, which is often a financial institution or other type of firm, to a creditor or supplier along with a payment to briefly explain what the payment is for so that the customer's account will be credited properly." These letters are usually used when the customer does not have an established account with the other entity.

Can a creditor or debt collection agency access my bank account for debt collection?

Yes they can. After they have obtained a court judgment. I fell behind on two payments on a court ordered payment plan and the creditor sent a letter asking me to contact them within 10 days. I did not. I am not sure how they were able to do it, but they got a court order placing a hold on my checking account (took all the money that was available) and I am not able to withdrawal any money from the account until such a time that the debt is satisfied. I would advice that you contact them to try and set up some sort of payment plan if and when they do get access to your account.

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What can you do if your attorney doesn't tell you of discovery sent by defendants for 2 months and encouraged them to file a motion to compel?

Get a new attorney and have the new attorney ask for time to get into the case.

CA-Does the Statute of Limitations expiration date gets dissolve if you try to make payment arrangements on a debt- but never paid Attorney refused the amount so you never sent a check?

No. If you had actually tendered payment, the creditor might lose the right to collect interest after the date of the tender. However, the statute of limitations is based on when the breach of contract occured and has nothing to do with your inability to reach a payment plan with the creditor.

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dude, its a scam

How do you find out what jail someone is sent to awaiting a court date?

Ask his attorney.

What is a person sent with the power to act for another?

it is called proxy or power of attorney

What can a creditor do if you are in default on a credit card?

A creditor can turn you over to collections and report you to the credit reporting agencies. Depending on what type of credit card you are talking about, the creditor can also demand return of items purchased on the card (such as an appliance store account). If you are getting harassing phone calls at home or work (yes, they are allowed to call you at work), you can send them a written letter stating that you no longer want them to call you at home or work (sent via registered mail with return receipt). The creditor would then be allowed to call you one more time to verify receipt of your letter. Creditors are also not allowed to call you before 7am or after 9pm. Due to privacy isses, creditors are not allowed to tell your employer or others not listed on the credit account why they are calling.