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A lot of praying, often some reading (chanted) from the Torah, often some

singing, occasionally a talk or message from a member of the group who is

well-educated in Judaism.

Any more details are too complicated to try and describe here. If you're

curious to know more, you should dress modestly and respectfully, drop in,

and observe a Jewish worship service in progress. They take place in virtually

all synagogues on Friday evening, in most of them on Satuday morning, and

in a great many of them on every morning and evening of the week.


Prayer services are part of halakha (Jewish law) and tradition (Talmud, Berakhot 26a); and the Torah records several prayers of our forefathers.
Jewish prayer-books have a structured order. Prayers are ancient, and often are sung or chanted. Some prayers are said in unison (such as Shir Hakavod), and some are not. Some prayers are said more than once per day (such as the Shema), some once a day (such as Yotzer Ohr), and others are said only on Sabbath, festivals or certain occasions. Some prayers are said aloud (such as Kaddish), some are sung (such as Lekha Dodi) and some are to be whispered (the Amidah). Most of the services are in Hebrew, but a couple of prayers are in Aramaic (such as Brikh Shemei).
While praying, Jews either sit in chairs, or stand, depending on the prayer. There is also some bowing forward (in the Amidah and Aleinu), but Jews today do not kneel except once a year on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).
In between the prayers, Kaddish is said; and the Torah is read on many occasions (over two hundred times a year).
While formal prayer services are held in the synagogue three times each day throughout the year, many other blessings (such as those over meals) are said in the home.

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It depends on what service, but a certain section of the Torah is read at each sabbath service. By the next year, you have finished the Torah. In our Temple, each service begins with a funny note from our hilarious rabbi. Each service has about 2 or 3 prayers in the beginning, and then the barachu, or call to prayer, and then a number of main prayers that vary by date. Afterwards, the best part comes, the kiddush. Food, wine, (grape-juice for me, I'm still a teen) and chatter. Then we all go home to watch Cartoons.

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Most if not all take place in a Synagogue. The real question is which take place outside a synagogue.

Davening (prayer) generally takes place inside a Synagogue. Torah learning may take place in a Synagogue.

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I assume you mean the weekly Sabbath prayers - since Jews pray thrice daily in the synagogue.

The typical Sabbath service is 2 hours long and constitutes of silent prayers, communal chanting and reading from the Torah. Some of these are said standing, others parts while seated.

The prayer service is best followed using a Siddur - see siddurfor an overview.

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To hold a full service, you need 10 adult Jews (traditionally 10 adult men), at least one of whom knows the service well enough to lead it (in a long service, leaders may take turns). The liturgies for the morning, afternoon and evening services differ, and the liturgies on the Sabbath differ from the corresponding weekday services. As a result of these differences, the leader needs a Siddur (a prayerbook), and ideally, all participants will have a copy. Curiously, the call to worship is not always at the start of the service. There are preliminary warm-ups to many services, typically dominated by psalms. All services center on a standing prayer called the Amidah. During all services, the Amidah is said silently, but during the Morning and Evening services, the leader then chants the Amidah out loud. (Catholics generally notice that the form of the Amidah resembles the form of the liturgy of the mass.) (When time is pressing, there are conventions for combining the chanted amidah with the silent reading.) Some services include a reading from the Torah, the longest being on Saturday mornings, and a reading from the Haftara (the prophets). There are also prayers, psalms and songs.

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Q: What happens during services at Jewish houses of worship?
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What was the day of worship in Judaism?

Jews worship God in daily prayer-services in synagogue, every day of the year. The Jewish Shabbat, during which there are longer prayer-services, is on Saturday, starting at sundown on Friday night, until Saturday after twilight.

Whom do Jews worship on Hanukkah?

Jewish people worship God...every day, not just during Hanukkah.

What happens during Buddhist worship?

i like food

What is the most important part of a Jewish worship ceremony?

Hard to say. Here's one man's opinion: -- During a service that includes public Torah reading, it's the public Torah reading. -- During a service that doesn't, it would be the Amidah (Sh'moneh Esrei).

What is the name of a Jewish man's scarf?

Jewish men wear a tallit (or tallis) during prayer services.

What book do Jews pray to?

Jews pray to God. The books which we use during worship include the Siddur (Hebrew prayerbook), the Torah, and the Prophets. Portions of the Torah-scroll are read during services several times each week, and a small passage from the Prophets is read during the Shabbat morning services.See also the Related Links.Link: More about Jewish prayer servicesLink: More about the Torah and Prophets

What is done with the money collected in Jewish church?

Jews do not have churches. They have houses of worship called synagogues. Money is not normally collected in synagogues (and is NEVER collected during sabbath services).Charitable donations to a synagogue are usually made through the synagogue's office or by mail or telephone. If money is donated, it's used for the operation of the synagogue or for scholarship funds for summer camps.Tithing is completely separate from this. Tithing is the Jewish concept of donating 10% of one's money to charity (not to the synagogue).

What happens during worship for gurus?

Sikhs only worship God but they do celebrate the birthdays of Sikh Gurus. Usually, celebration takes place for 3 days in which there is continuous reading of Sikh holy scripture along with singing of hymns from holy scripture.And other services.

What places of worship put their holy book to bed?

The Jewish place of worship is the synogogue. In the synogogue, the Torah, the law, is kept in a special chest called an ark. The Torah is removed from the ark during services, and it is put back at the end of the service. This might be what you refer to as being put to bed. It is a nice image.

What happens during worship?

In catholicism you thank the lord for everything, you pray to the lord, and you basically are the lords servant but you are serving him even more when you worship him. but in worship you are praising God and he hears you.

What occasion is a Jewish skull cap worn?

Orthodox Jews wear them all the time. Others wear them all day, or during school classes (for those who study in Jewish day schools), or during prayer services.

Why did Abraham want to be Jewish?

Avraham didn't want to be Jewish as there was no such thing during his lifetime. He was the first person to accept and worship HaShem (The Creator) and followed the teachings of the Torah intuitively.