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This is a very good question. About 10 years ago I was with a friend and he was driving and we were backing out of a convenience store parking lot when he backed into a 1994 Toyota Supra with his new pickup. The pickup's bumper was pretty solid so it sustained no damage but the Toyota's door was dented badly. The gentleman who came out of the store was very angry and demanded compensation for the damage. My friend agreed and suggested we call the police for a report to file the insurance claim but the gentleman became very aprehensive about that because he didn't have any insurance. After he talked to his friend for a few minutes, he told us to leave.

Answerif its your fault u pay for all the damages and the person hit receives a check from your insurance company. if its there fault their in a lot of trouble
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Q: What happens when you hit an uninsured car?
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If an uninsured car hits your car and causes damage what happens to you?

You are stuck with the bill. You can sue the person who hit you if you know who they are and if they are really who they are. Good luck

What happens to the owner of a car that gets into an accident with someone else driving there uninsured car?

They will have to take the uninsured driver to court. Or if you have uninsured driver policy with your insurance, they will pay it.

What happens when an uninsured driver driving an insured car got hit by an insured driver?

P.S. The insured driver is found at-fault with witnesses. The uninsured driver is worried if his license will be suspended or facing any penalty for driving the his parent's INSURED car.

Will insurance cover my car damage if I loaned my car to an unlicensed and uninsured driver?

My insurance canceled uninsured person hits someone in rear what happens to me

What happens when someone hits a uninsured parked car?

they are both screwed

What happens if you are hit by an uninsured teen driver and they are found to be at fault?

If you have "Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist" coverage on your policy, then your insurance will cover it at no cost to you.

If someone hit your car and didnt have insurance is it covered by uninsured motorist?

Yes as long as your policy has uninsured motorist coverage on your policy.

What happens when an uninsured driver borrows a friend's uninsured car and gets into a wreck?

Both the uninsured driver and the friend are in trouble. My GUSS IS the uninsured friend will be liable to any damages he has caused The uninsured friend will be responsible for the damages to their car If insurance is required in your state, the uninsured friend and/or driver could face criminal charges

What can you do if uninsured driver hit your car?

File a lawsuit against that person.

What happens if someone has an accident in an uninsured car that is not theirs?

The uninsured part would mean that the person or persons responsible would have to pay for it. If they have an accident in someone elses car they will probably be questioned in court.

If a uninsured car is parked and hit by an insured car will the insured cars insurance company pay for damages?

Only if the insured car was at fault.

You are an insured driver but you were driving and uninsured car and was hit by an uninsured driver so who pays for the damage to the car you were driving?

Who owns the uninsured car? It will depend on your state, but if you were driving a car you own but did not insure you may have to pay for the repairs yourself - and in some states, if you have no insurance on the car you're driving, you may get to repair the other guy's car too even if it was his fault. If it was his fault, some states will require him or his insurance if he has it, to fix your car.

What happens in California when a insured car with full coverage hits an uninsured car and totaled it?

There's a good chance the insurance company will deny the claim of the person with the uninsured vehicle, as that vehicle isn't supposed to be on the roadway to begin with.

What if your parked car was hit by a uninsured driver?

You will most likely have to pursue them through small claims court.

What happens if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving your uninsured car and has an accident?

Bad things, will mostly likely get a few citation from police. If he is found to be at fault he could be liable for the damage.

What happens when there has been a hit and run on your car when you don't even know how it was hit or who hit it?

Well, there are two responses to this question - If your car was damaged in a hit-and-run accident and you have no idea who caused the damage and your car was uninsured, unfortunately, you are stuck paying for the repairs to your car. However, if your car was insured, simply pick up the phone and call your insurance agent and file a claim against your insurance policy. In essence, you are suing yourself, but your car will get fixed, minus the deductible of course.

Can you use uninsured car insurance towards your car if you don't carry collision?

An Uninsured car has no insurance. Your liability coverage may follow you to it if it is a replacement vehicle but would not cover damage to the uninsured vehicle.

Do you have to pay the deductible when your car is damaged by a hit and run driver if you don't have uninsured motorist coverage?

If you do not have an uninsured motorist property damage coverage, your collision might be used to pay for the repairs to your car, in which case your collision coverage deductible will be used.

In New Zealand if an uninsured drivers car is hit by an insured drivercar will the insured drivers insurance still pay for the damages to the uninsured car?

In most cases if you are fully insured then your insurance will pay for the uninsured driver's car. However if it is only a third party insurance then most likely you have no cover if it is your fault. However it depends on the insurance company and the policy that you signed.

If a uninsured car is hit by another car that's covered are they responsible for your damages?

Yes, because they did it. Even if they're covered, they must pay for the damage that they did.

What happens when a person hits your uninsured parked car in front of your home they have full coverage?

if it there fault there insurance pays

What happens if you hit someone while driving an uninsured rental car?

If you have an auto insurance policy that covers non-owned vehicles - then your liability and collision coverage would likely extend to your rental car. If you don't have collision coverage - then you will be on the hook to repair the rental car. If you don't have any auto insurance - then you can be sued for a lot of money by both the rental car company and the person you hit.

If an uninsured driver backs into a parked car that was backed in making it less visible to the driver on private property and the driver nor it's passengers could see the car what happens?

You hit a parked vehicle. No matter how or where it was parked, you are responsible for the damages. If you hit the car, you could have seen the car if you had been looking. You have no insurance which is a violation of the law. Pay the owner of the car you hit and accept responsibility for your poor driving, and stop trying to blame this on how the vehicle you hit was parked. It is your fault plain and simple.

If an uninsured driver wrecks the car of an insured driver is the uninsured driver still responsible?

If the accident was caused by the uninsured driver than the uninsured driver is definitely still responsible.

What happens when you have a car accident with a driver that has no vehicle insurance?

I hope you had insurance for this. The uninsured motorist will probably be broke