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sounds like you need to bleed the clutch.or the throw out bearing was not installed correctly.or a bad slave cylinder.check the clutch see if you lost any fluid if not all.

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Q: What happens when you replace the clutch pressure plate throwout bearing and flywheel and the clutch still wont engage all the way?
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What happens if you over torque pressure plate on 91 s10?

You could stretch the bolts, strip the threads out of the flywheel or break the bolts off in the flywheel.

What happens when your flywheel is badly worn?

it is slow

What happens to a car when the flywheel is not working properly?

it don't start or run or move.

What is the main bearing spec for a Detroit diesel engine?

main bearing whats happens when goin out

What is bearing backlash?

A bearing backlash is what happens when the bearing loses motion or clearance. This tends to be caused by gaps that cause a period of non-motion.

What happens inside a clutch when you push the clutch pedal?

The pressure plate which forces the friction disc against the flywheel by means of spring plates. Pressing the clutch pedal down forces the pressure plate away from the friction disc and power transfer from engine to transmission is broken.

What happens when you press the clutch pedal?

(Assuming you have a hydrolic clutch system) When you push on the clutch pedal, you create hydrolic pressure in the master and slave cylinders, which in turn pushes on the release bearing (AKA throw-out bearing). The release bearing pushes on the fingers of the pressure plate. This takes pressure off of the clutch disc, putting the car in neutral, in a sense. Now you can change gears without damaging any of the transaxle gears. When you release the clutch, you put pressure back onto the clutch plate and pressure plate, which gives power back to the wheels if you are in 1st-5th gear, or reverse.

What would cause a clutch to go and a knocking noise all at once its weird cause the knocking noise isnt that loud at2 and a half but 3 grand really loud and this all hapend when clutch went you think?

A clutch consists of a shaft coming from the engine with a round plate mounted on it, called the 'flywheel', a disc made of some ablative material, which is connected to the transmission, a pressure plate, which squeezes the clutch disc against the flywheel, and a throw-out bearing, which is how the force to disengage the clutch is applied to the pressure plate. When a clutch goes out, the parts often come loss, and can damage other parts if the engine is kept operating for very long or at high RPMs. The most common cause of clutch failure is the ablative material of the clutch disc wears down to the point where it comes apart when it contacts the flywheel. If the vehicle is driven when this happens, it can result in the pressure plate and flywheel having to be replaced. A clutch which won't disengage, but does not slip indicates a broken throw-out bearing, which means parts thereof are flying around the clutch housing. In any case, this requires major mechanical work to repair properly.

What happens when lower control arm bushing break?

In severe cases when bushings are gone on both sides, loud vibration, that sounds like trans, or thowout bearing, going out, and seams to go away when you step on clutch, but is because of the torque behind the flywheel, and sounds fine in park,or neutral ...,but only happens while driving...

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