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Biology, Zoology, Anatomy, Latin, All science classes and math and algebra as well. Take your core classes to their highest level, 4 years or more of each. Science, math, english, History, and second language.

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Q: What high school subjects help in becoming a surgeon?
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What high school subjects help in becoming a cop?

Criminal justice.

Which school subjects would be important for becoming a vet?

Biology is the most important one to do well in as it will help your understanding with later studies.

How can computers help in teaching different subjects in school?

because you can look up different subjects and learn about them!

What high school subjects will help prepare for being a veterinarian?

diesepting a sheep that will help them

Why do people have to go to summer School?

People go to Summer School because they need more help in other subjects. Also they go for to get help if they have a bad grade in any subjects.

What school subjects or courses that would help you prepare for a teacher?


What high school subjects help in becoming a doctor?

1 Physics, 2 Chemistry 3 Maths, 4 Biology, and 5 English are essential subjects for anyone interested for a career in Medical Science ie: Doctor, Medical Engineer etc.

What school subjects or courses would help you prepare for being a photographer?

high school courses

How do you be better in all subjects in school it's so hard to me Please help me?

To do better in all subjects study hard and get tutoring if you stil need help.

What high school subjects will help you prepare to be a chef?

i would say well in school we did tech in tech there is food tech that could help

What school subjects would help you would help you prepare for photographer?

maybe English or art both i guess

What are some high school subjects that would help you if you were going To be a nutritionist?

physical education

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